Client: Online Specialty Giant Retailer

Industry: Ecommerce (Outdoor Industry)

Problem Statement

This project aims to charge the customer’s credit card in the order-to-cash (O2C) flow. The Client has its own shipment site, and whenever the shipment is authorized successfully, an item fulfilment and cash sales transaction will be created in NetSuite. Native CyberSource bundles are already challenging; however, this bundle authorizes and captures customer credit cards on standard transactions. However, because the client has a customized solution for shipment, we found it challenging to implement. In addition, a $0 CC preauthorization needs to be achieved for CC validation, and a settlement of the actual amount must be performed when it ships from the WMS system


This project involved the following customizations

  • Custom transaction body fields to have payment modernization details such as Payment Identifier and Refund Status.
  • Custom record to track down the payment event history.
  • Workflow to overcome the refund account issue.
  • Map/Reduce script to automate the authorization, re-authorization, capture, and refund payments (including retry).
  • User Event, Suitelet, Restlet, and Client Scripts wherever required.