Client: Universal Audio

Industry: Manufacturer

Quote: Inspiring Sound for Generations

About the Client

Established in 1958 by Bill Putnam Sr., Universal Audio has maintained a pioneering stance in recording technology since its inception. Bill Putnam Sr., a revered innovator, is hailed as the father of modern recording, with his legendary studio designs and equipment remaining influential today. Universal Audio holds the distinction of inventing key elements in recording history, including the modern recording console, multi-band audio equalizer, vocal booth, and the integration of artificial reverberation into commercial recording.

In 1999, Universal Audio was re-established by Bill's sons, James Putnam and Bill Putnam Jr., driven by two primary objectives: faithfully reproducing vintage analog recording equipment in tribute to their father's legacy, and innovating new digital recording tools infused with the essence and sound quality of vintage analog technology.

Business Challenges

Universal Audio was facing hindrances in its credit hold processes. Some of the critical challenges faced by them are:

  • Consolidation Issues: They struggled to consolidate unfulfilled orders and balance them at the parent level for credit hold purposes.
  • Lack of Line-Level Control: The system lacked the functionality to put individual sales order lines on hold, limiting their ability to manage orders effectively.
  • Fulfilment Oversights: The existing system allowed users to fulfill sales order lines that were under credit hold, creating potential financial risks.

Business Requirements

Universal Audio had specific critical business requirements that necessitated an efficient solution, particularly for sales order management:

  • Complete Sales Order Credit Hold: The client needed the capability to place entire sales orders on credit hold.
  • Line-Level Credit Hold: They also required the ability to place specific sales order lines on credit hold selectively.
  • Credit Hold Reports: The client sought automated generation of customer credit hold reports for enhanced decision-making.
  • Real-Time Notifications: They wished to display colored pop-up messages indicating the reasons for credit holds before saving sales order records.
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The Solution

Jade Global, a trusted NetSuite Implementation Partner for Universal Audio, delivered customized NetSuite solutions to meet the client's distinctive needs. Below is a summary of the solutions offered by Jade Global:

  • Custom Credit Hold Functionality: Jade implemented a NetSuite Sales Order Credit Hold functionality, enabling the client to place either complete sales orders or specific transaction lines on credit hold.
  • Automated Prepaid Customer Handling: For prepaid customers, the automation system automatically places sales orders on credit hold. Upon receiving payment against an order, the system would release the order automatically.
  • Credit Checks for Company Customers: For customers categorized as 'Company,' the system performs credit limit checks and places sales orders on hold based on consolidated balances and unbilled order amounts.
  • Parent-Child Relationship Handling: In cases involving parent-child customer relationships, the system checks the credit limit of the parent customer and places sales orders on hold based on the parent customer's consolidated balance and unbilled order amounts.
  • Line-Level Control: Users have gained the ability to put specific transaction lines on hold, preventing orders from being committed for fulfillment.

The Business Benefits

Jade's NetSuite implementations delivered significant advantages to Universal Audio's operations:

  • Streamlined Credit Limits

    Child customer credit limits were seamlessly rolled up to the parent customer level, simplifying credit limit management.

  • Efficient Sales Process

    Universal Audio's sales process became more streamlined, enabling efficient management of prepaid customer orders.

  • Simplified Fulfilment

    The fulfilment process was simplified, allowing the client to manage day-to-day transactions effectively.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making

    Custom credit hold reports facilitated better decision-making for the accounting team and business leaders.

  • Substantial Time Savings

    The Universal Audio team, previously spending considerable time manually managing credit holds, now benefited from fully automated sales order credit hold processes. They saved approximately 8 to 10 hours per month, with NetSuite automatically updating credit hold flags based on predefined conditions.