Oracle QA Services 

We provide an Integrated Testing Solution for ensuring application quality, performance, and reliability for Oracle EBS Testing through its functional as well as Automated Testing Services. Our Managed Testing is a customized service with a collaborative approach to Sourcing Testing and QA Services.

It is ideal for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve high-quality systems cost-effectively, without the expense of large overheads, day-to-day responsibilities, and without losing overall control.

Our Managed Services Model is cost-effective. It enables our clients to be freed from the Tool Maintenance, Infrastructure Cost (VM, etc), Automation Script Maintenance at a very minimal cost.

Oracle Cloud/Fusion Applications Testing Challenges

  • Quarterly Cloud/Fusion Application releases by Oracle require upgrading and regression testing at least 4 times/year
  • New functionalities and features in each release require functional and technical analysis for each Cloud/Fusion Application release to understand the impact on the environment.
  • New functionalities and features require regression testing before upgrading the production environments. Upgrade testing requires 3-6 weeks of planning and significant time commitments from dedicated Business and IT personnel.
  • Testing scenarios manually is time-consuming and requires many clicks, data entry, and navigation through multiple screens that may take hours to test just one test scenario!
  • Testing reports and logs are created manually and typically only a limited number are tested
  • High risk of errors due to limited testing time and coverage

Testing as a Service (TaaS) For Oracle Cloud Applications

Testing as a Service (TaaS) For Oracle Cloud Applications Benefits

Xenon – Hosted Test Management Platform for Test Planning, Automation, Execution, and Reporting

  • Hosted Cloud Test Management Platform: No tooling cost and no infra requirements or investment.
  • Xenon is a scalable and highly flexible test lifecycle management platform.
  • Xenon is built for business process testing for enterprise applications.
  • Xenon can be used for both manual and automation testing needs for any web or non-web application (Oracle Fusion, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.)

The our QA Automation approach is based on leveraging Test Accelerators for Oracle Cloud Applications

  • Pre-built manual and automation test scripts for end-to-end scenarios and standard Oracle Fusion Financials, SCM, and HCM scenarios and processes.
  • The automation accelerators can be leveraged in all Oracle Cloud Implementations and Upgrades to reduce the manual efforts on testing, improve systems reliability and sustenance.

Our TaaS Deliverables

  • Cloud/Fusion Applications Release Impact Analysis
  • Test Cases Impact Analysis
  • Automation Test Scripts Updates for Releases
  • Automation Executions and IT Certification for Releases
  • Execution Results
  • QA Metrics


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