Jade as “Managed Testing as a Service” Provider

We offer Managed Testing as a Service by taking the overall testing responsibility of the customer at a program level. We provide help to transform the testing function to achieve a high-quality, cost-effective solution by leveraging the managed pack of skilled resources, tools, accelerators, proven framework, pricing model, entire project management, and ROUND-THE-CLOCK support which minimizes the risks and improves time-to-market.

Our Managed Testing Services delivers significant benefits to customer including:

  • Significant Cost Reduction: Our resourcing solution of Core and flex teams which yield 30% savings
  • Higher Productivity Improvement: 48% ticket eliminations through automation services and 24*7*365 support
  • Faster Time to Market: Our comprehensive strategy, automated solution, continuous performance monitoring, Project and program level Governance improves the Go-to-market time

Managed Testing-as-a-Service Model

Managed Testing as a services are the processes and environment, along with which customers can achieve the most desirable outcome for any challenging complex, large, and ongoing/Maintenance testing project. Our global delivery model combines testing professionals at onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations, and is flexible to scale up or down depending on the business.

Once the Regression suite is Automated and the Test Automation Engineers have certified the SIT and UAT testing, applications are deployed on PROD. This is when the automation scripts are not maintained by the operation team as the focus is more on Cost saving by cutting on headcounts. Our unique pricing model for Testing as a Service plays a very important role in this situation.

This can be achieved in our 3 in a Box Managed Testing as a Service model

  • Testing Supports: Skills transfer embedding capabilities into your organization and ensuring quality across multiple supplier environments, this gives us the ability to scale up or down test capacity within guaranteed response times.
  • Project level Governance of the Maintenance projects under Program management.
  • Test Environment setup.

Managed testing as a service gives flexibility for our clients to have a pay as you use services. For Example, the Oracle E-Business Suite has scheduled upgrades every quarter. This requires testing on SIT /UAT in 3 weeks window. We charge a customer for only these 3 weeks per quarter to maintain the existing scripts, also, Execute it during the window. This has very minimal charges which help the Ops team to focus on their day-to-day work while the test team executes and shared test results.

Managed Testing as a Service

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