ML testing

NextGen QA with Machine Language (ML) Driven Test Automation

Using Artificial Intelligence for testing the Quality of your enterprise ecosystem. We are witnessing a wide adoption of Machine learning (ML), in a range of areas, from Finance, Energy, to Health and Transportation. Given this growing importance of ML-based systems in our daily live, it is becoming very important to ensure their reliability. Typically, ML Models are developed and tested by data scientists themselves. But ideally, it should be a quality assurance team that should be performing QA by running tests as like traditional software to test the ML models from time-to-time

Jade provides Advisory and Implementation Services around Machine Learning Testing, we adapt concepts from the software testing domain (e.g., code coverage, mutation testing, or property-based testing) to help ML engineers detect and correct faults in ML programs.

Jade Machine Learning Models Black box Testing Approach consists of:

  • Testing performance of ML Models
  • Testing relationship between each feature and the target
  • Target Test Data set which trigger testing of all features
  • AI Based Test automation using tools like, Functionize etc.

Jade Machine Learning Models Testing Benefits include:

  • Improve Overall test coverage
  • Improve Model performance
  • Test suite optimization
  • Log Analytics
  • Traceability
  • Defect analytics
  • Rapid impact analysis
  • Comprehensive documentation


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