Jade as TaaS Delivery Services Provider

We offer TaaS to cater to the on-demand testing capacity of the customer's need for the ever-evolving software industry and its demand for technologically complex software with exceptional automated business processes, standard quality, infrastructure, scalability all with reduced cost.

TaaS is considered as a viable testing model in the Agile development and DevOps approaches since it helps achieve business objectives and innovation with the desired speed. It increases High Scalability with our Functional Expertise, Automation Capability, and Testing Center of Excellence. It also provides Higher efficiency with our Best-In-Class combination of People, Process, and Technology.

TaaS Service Model

TaaS enables the outcome-based delivery model which is process-driven and can be considered as independent of infrastructure and people, as the entire service is outsourced to the customer. Along with the skilled resources, tools, accelerators, proven framework, entire project management is then provided as a service that minimizes the risks and improves time-to-market. Hence, customers are moving towards TaaS.


Our Differentiators

Our Differentiators

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