AI Based Testing (QA BOTS)

Extend AI to Testing to make QA Intelligent

Improving Technology with Automated QA Tools. AI and Bots have revolutionized software testing and development in terms of testing scope and workloads, debugging adequacy, and advanced continuous testing. As companies evaluate AI testing to support their Digital Transformation initiatives, they need a QA partner with the right experience, skills to guide them by taking a holistic approach to optimizing the entire testing lifecycle.

Typical challenges companies will face include:

  • Prioritizing, clarifying, gathering test requirements
  • Identifying relevant and suitable test cases
  • A lack of expertise with the latest AI technologies and tools
  • High test script maintenance cost considerations

Jade provides the following AI Test Automation services:

  • AI and NLP based Continuous testing, by executing relevant automated test cases per commit from Regression Test repository
  • Optimize existing Test Suite by removing redundancies which in turns increase Test Coverage
  • Identify High failure module by analyzing defects using AI
  • Faster and More Stable UI Tests using AI based tools such as Applitools, Sauce Labs, Testim and ReTest
  • Mimic and validate Partner EDI Transactions with Jade Robotic Process Automation based QA Bots
  • Automated Regression, Smoke and Santiy Test suite using QA Bots
  • Fast and Simplified Automated Testing for Chatbots
  • Simplified Automation Maintenance
  • Business Process Testing using Workflow based QA Bots

Benefits of Jade AI based Testing solutions

  • Code-less: No need to memorize any syntax
  • Simplicity: Easy to create a process through simple drag and drop
  • Scalability: It can be achieved by assigning work to multiple workstations
  • Cost saving: Huge reduction in cost as very minimal workforce is required
  • Accuracy: As the tasks are performed by the Bots
  • Productivity: As it is robotic, productivity will be very high
  • Flexibility: Test process does not depend on the type of software under test, whether it is web based, desktop application or mobile application


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