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Organizations have increasingly come to understand that migrating to the cloud is a sure-shot way to reduce workloads and offload the management of critical assets. SAP/ECC and SAP S4/HANA ERPs help enterprises manage their core capabilities, and processes, connecting across business lines and industry solutions with digital transformation. But to complete this productivity throughout the enterprise, integration with other applications becomes necessary.

Use Cases of Achievable Integrations Between Boomi SAP Integration and Other Applications


Order-to-Cash and Order-to-Fulfilment

With Boomi’s out-of-the-box SAP integration and a vast resource of crowdsourced knowledge, ensuring connectivity is essential for smooth order-to-cash transaction processing and management

Supply Chain Planning and Operations

Supply Chain Planning and Operations

Get real-time data by integrating third-party applications with a Boomi SAP supply chain integration solution and automate essential tasks with the Boomi platform.

B2B EDI Management

B2B/EDI Management

Boomi SAP integration for B2B/EDI management to support EDI interoperability standards such as ASC X12, HL7, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, UN/EDIFACT, and API standards.

Production Planning and Maintenance

Production Planning and Maintenance

Streamlining IoT integration into SAP systems for improved business operations and help drive digitization.

Onboarding of Customers, Partners, and Employees

Onboarding of Customers, Partners, and Employees

Automating manual workflows quickly and exchange data between SAP and third-party applications for seamless onboarding.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidating data from SAP to other ERP systems and vice versa for better business continuity.

Third-Party Systems to SAP/4HANA modernization

Third-Party Systems to SAP/4HANA Modernization

Going beyond SAP ECC-to-SAP S/4HANA migration and integrating data between SAP and any third-party system or application with the Boomi Platform.

Heterogeneous Software Integration Landscape

Heterogeneous Software Integration Landscape

Organizations often deploy a heterogeneous software integration landscapes to integrate SAP with non-SAP systems. It becomes bothersome and time-consuming, involving many risks, while building custom Boomi SAP connectors. Boomi Atmosphere platform makes integration with non-SAP systems seamless.

Configuration and Architecture Scalability

Configuration and Architecture Scalability

Organizations face a few challenges in adapting to ever-changing business requirements, such as accommodating and plugging into a new architecture system that is compliant with the existing configuration. The Boomi integration platform helps businesses become agile and scalable.

Data Quality and Management Issue

Data Quality and Management Issues

Organizations derive their business strategies from data, as the information derived is invaluable. Today, Data Quality and Management is a real issue, as data stored in disparate applications can cause data redundancy. Boomi’s platform finds the siloed data in various applications and integrates them. 

How can Boomi Services satisfy all your SAP integration issues?

How can Boomi Services satisfy all your SAP integration issues

Boomi SAP Integration platform is an industry-leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that fits the bill. Jade Global is a Boomi Certified Platinum Partner, specializing in enterprise-grade solutions for industry-specific integration needs. Most of the challenges organizations face with SAP are due to customized implementations, for example, pop-ups causing BAPI to break, internal cross-references, etc., our experts have seen it all and can easily tackle these issues and get you on your way. 

At Jade, we work closely with Boomi to deliver complex, yet cost-effective SAP integration services and solutions to help enterprises accelerate business agility and achieve rapid digital transformations. 

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