American Automotive Storage Company Eliminates 98% of Manual Processes for Product Orders, Sales…

Client - Proterra, Inc.

Industry - Renewables & Environment; Automobile & Energy Storage

About the Client

Proterra, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company based in Burlingame, California. The company designs and manufactures zero-emission battery-electric transit buses, electric charging systems, and battery configurations. Its services range from pre-delivery consultations and training to midlife inspections and refurbishments including parts replacement, warranty, onsite field, and battery testing. Proterra serves transit agencies across North America and was founded in 2004.

Products & Services

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Salesforce (ServiceMax)
  • Salesforce (ServiceMax) to Oracle EBS
  • EBS Customization for Integration
  • Dell Boomi Integration Platform

Client Speak

Proterra and Jade Global teams worked extensively on this project. The Integration between Salesforce ServiceMax and Oracle improved & automated our process of Parts, Parts Requests & Parts orders. Big thanks to the Integration & ERP deployment team from Jade who worked very hard to get us to this point.

- Project Manager, Proterra

Business Requirements


Proterra is a service organization that uses ServiceMax, a Cloud-based field service management solution in Salesforce, to track service work done on installed products (buses and chargers in the field). As part of that process, the company relies on a master list of parts to order and use during repairs. This list of parts is supposed to match those parts used in Oracle EBS for purchasing, stocking and shipping. Proterra’s ServiceMax list of parts is managed manually and its parts request orders are placed manually. Proterra was looking for a solution to eliminate manual processes and create new processes for managing information, reviewing service parts request orders, and reviewing parts request shipments.

Business Requirements

  • Oracle EBS to Salesforce (ServiceMax) Integration.
    • Create/Update Parts
    • Create/Update Products
  • Salesforce (ServiceMax) to Oracle EBS Integration
    • Sales Order and Order Line Item Creation in Oracle EBS based on Parts requests in Salesforce (ServiceMax)
    • Update back to Salesforce (ServiceMax) with EBS Order Number or EBS internal ID
    • Update Shipping information in ServiceMax to correspond with updates in Oracle EBS
    • Customized Notifications and Alerts
  • EBS Customization needed for Integration (Item Master)
  • EBS Sales Order
    • Package for staging table data validation, SO creation and update, Error notification logic
  • Shipping details extraction based on last run, updates, process flag logic

The Integration Solution Overview

The solution created for Proterra is built on the Dell Boomi integration platform. The Boomi process runs on a scheduled job where at a set number of minutes, the Boomi integration script tells Salesforce to look for new Parts (Items) or Parts Requests (Sales Orders). If none are found, the script exits. When there are new requests, the script fetches all required data entered for Parts or Parts Requests into an Oracle staging table. Oracle will then run a scheduled job to check the staging table for create/updates items or Sales Orders in Oracle. If any records are found, it performs pre-validation steps before creating/updating items or Sales Orders. Once an order enters Oracle, it has pre-defined steps to be performed manually before the Sales order is completed and the shipment is confirmed. Once the shipment is confirmed, details are sent back to Proterra’s Salesforce application via the Part Order process.

Problem Definition and Challenges

  • ServiceMax parts master was not up-to date; parts frequently missing from master list
  • Updates to existing parts in Oracle were not reflected in ServiceMax
  • Inconsistent part master led to problems when ordering parts for service use
  • Future integrations of field service parts requests to Oracle Sales Orders required a common set of parts
  • Service parts requests were not immediately available in Oracle as demand against inventory
  • Errors occurred when manually entering sales orders for service parts requests
  • Shipping information unavailable to Field Service Engineers for parts they ordered

The Step-by-Step Solution Breakdown

  • New parts that qualify in Oracle are added (inserted) into ServiceMax
  • Existing parts in Oracle that have been updated, and qualify, are updated in ServiceMax FSR creates a request for a part for service being performed
    • Part Request (header) and Line(s) are created
    • Notification sent to Back Office when part request created
  • Service Back Office reviews and updates the Part Request
  • Service Back Office submits the Part Request when complete
  • Part Request integration creates a Sales Order in Oracle
    • Sales Order is created with a Status of “Entered”
  • Back Office reviews the Sales Order
    • Makes updates as necessary
    • Checks inventory stock
    • Manually books the Sales Order
  • Shipping ships some or all the Sales Order lines/quantity
  • Shipping integration creates Parts Order in Salesforce
    • Associates Parts Order to Parts Request
    • Creates Order Detail on Work Order

Impact on Business Processes

  • Process to manually enter new parts in ServiceMax will no longer be needed
  • Process to manually enter service part requests as sales orders in Oracle will no longer be needed
  • New processes needed for managing information on bus and charger parts
  • New processes needed for reviewing service part request sales orders in Oracle
  • New processes needed for reviewing parts request shipment information in ServiceMax

Impacted User Groups

The primary user groups impacted by this new interface were Proterra’s Service Back Office Team located in the Greenville, South Carolina office and manufacturing facility, and Proterra’s Field Service Engineers.

Business Value Delivered

Prior to the sales, order, and shipment integration, Proterra was using ServiceMax in Salesforce to monitor services of work done on its products (EcoRide, Catalyst & Support Services). The service of buses and requests of parts were manually entered in the ServiceMax system.

Jade Global’s Integration support services developed interfaces where the process to manually enter service part requests (Product) as sales orders in Oracle is automated. The only instance where manual intervention comes in happens once an order enters Oracle; there are pre-defined steps to be performed manually before the Sales order is completed and the shipment is confirmed. The process is 98% automated. New processes were developed for reviewing sales orders and shipment information in Oracle. These new processes have led to smoother and more efficient functioning of products, sales orders and shipments between ServiceMax and Oracle.

The Benefits

  • Streamlined complete end-to-end integration of Parts (Items), Parts Request (Sales Order) & Part Order (Shipment update)
  • Improved overall business operations between Salesforce, ServiceMax & Oracle
  • No manual intervention for data sync from one system to another
  • Faster, cost effective and lower maintenance platform

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