While 33% of healthcare organizations seek better patient engagement and experience systems, 32% seek better CRM solutions to streamline processes and enhance the patients’ journey.

Healthcare organizations struggle because patient, clinical, non-clinical, and EHR (Electronic Health Record) information is scattered across disparate platforms. Their target selling experience is hampered by the lack of intelligence in sales processes. The other crucial constraints are effective data collection and connectivity with teams across the product lifecycle.

'A recent McKinsey study showed that 20-25% of US healthcare spending or approximately $1 trillion dollars is currently wasted, and 50%-75% of this waste could be eliminated by using an updated and shared electronic medical platform.'

Leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud, Jade builds 'Connected' healthcare systems that are data-driven, and provide Care Givers, Payers, and Patients a unified foundation to collaborate, break data silos, and derive intelligent insights.

Learn how Jade empowers health Care companies transition from ‘Fragmented Care’ to ‘Value-Based Care Delivery’ by facilitating the following:

  • Patient-centric journeys through user-friendly systems
  • Collaboration between Caregivers, Patient family, and doctors
  • App development with point-&-click configurations (without code)
  • Intelligent Sales practices, increasing productivity, and target selling experience