Oracle Integration Cloud facilitates rapid modernization of enterprise applications, processes, APIs, and data, boosting efficiency and agility.

Jade Global is making remarkable strides in the realm of Oracle Integration Cloud, establishing itself as a leader in delivering exceptional solutions.

With a deep understanding of the platform's capabilities and a strong track record of successful implementations, Jade Global has positioned itself as a go-to partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of Oracle Integration Cloud.

Our expertise extends beyond mere implementation, as we bring a holistic approach to the table, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire integration journey. Jade’s commitment to excellence, coupled with its extensive knowledge of Oracle Integration Cloud services, enables businesses to optimize processes, drive efficiency, and achieve seamless connectivity. Whether you are embarking on a new integration project or seeking to enhance an existing one, Jade Global stands ready to provide the expertise and guidance needed to ensure a successful and transformative experience.

Why Choose Jade Global for Oracle Integration Cloud Services?

Jade Global is a certified Oracle Platinum partner. Rich experience in Oracle Cloud SaaS & PaaS implementation and customization. Certified OIC resources. We’ve delivered many solutions across multiple industries like e-commerce, life science, semiconductor, IT, etc.

Recent accomplishment OCI/OIC implementation & customization –
  1. For an E-signature company - Support and enhancement of over 40+ integrations which include many clouds and on-prem applications like Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, Concur, Workday, Zuora, Snowflake, etc.
  2. For an American public company Fresh OIC implementation - Created OIC instance & design and developed over 25+ integrations. Enabled end-to-end digital to connect between many of their systems. A few of them are BAMBOO HR Integration, Oracle to ADP integrations, etc.
  3. Jade implemented the OIC PaaS platform and integrated many business processes at a file hosting service company with their Oracle cloud ERP. Also, implemented ORDS service as per customer demand. Configured and enabled IDCS SSO. Extending Oracle SaaS application with the help of PCS, and VBCS. This helped the client to monitor their assets and streamline the approval process.

Five Reasons to Choose Oracle Integration Cloud Services


  • The fastest and most seamless way to connect your applications.

    Nowadays most businesses are running with multiple applications and there is a need to exchange data between applications. Those applications can be on the cloud or on time. OIC will help you to integrate your business seamlessly. It brings together all key elements of SaaS Extension and Integration under one product. There are many built-in recipes that help your business to connect quickly. OIC is rich in adapters and connectors so there will not be limitations.


    Many prebuild integrations are available which help your organization quickly enabled and start communicating across applications. You can alter or design fresh integration as per your needs.


    Example of a prebuilt integration sharing data between Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle RightNow Cloud Service. Prebuilds developed by Oracle displays the “Built by Oracle” text.

  • Cost effective

    Many organizations or businesses have N number of applications and integrating those will be costly. This is an obvious query from your finance team or from your management.

    How much $ do we need to spend?

    Now, you don’t need to worry about this. The OIC pricing model is simpler and budget-friendly.


    Billing is simplified with a single metric of OCPUs per hour (no more connection or user counting!!). Natively discover and invoke cloud integration service flows from processes in OIC and vice versa. Customers can configure and schedule patching according to their own schedule, and they can scale the Database to accommodate their business's retention policy.

  • Recommendations feature

    If we reduce the implementation or development time ultimately, we are reducing the project cost. Here OIC can help you with recommendations. It is just similar like buying some product online through e-commerce, where it shows you recommendations i.e., what will be best fit for you.

    With the help of recommendations, you can implement industry best practice solutions and it will be more scalable. This reduces the development time.

    (For example Account Identifier in one application and AccountID in the other application), the higher the recommendation (relevance) on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being the highest. When using the Oracle recommendation option, Oracle data pair match between two applications is sourced by Oracle. There is no need for the Recommend feature to access customer-specific metadata about the integration. Only the application-specific information is used for Recommendation guidance for future integrations.


  • Multiple Services in a single offering

    Your business needs customization to automate the business process to improve performance and ultimately that will help to reduce man-hours and generate revenue.

    • Integration service
    • Cloud Integration Insight: The Service gives you the information you need — out of the box, with powerful dashboards that require no coding, configuration, or modification. Get up and running fast with a solution that delivers deep insight into your business.
    • Process Cloud Service: You can automate your approval workflow with easy steps.
    • Visual Application Design: Rapidly create web and mobile applications as per business needs and it integrate easily with your SaaS applications.

    Oracle Integration Cloud is the only product on the planet that brings together all key elements of SaaS Extension and Integration under one product. The service also seamlessly integrates with Oracle API Platform Cloud Service for API first design and/or exposing Integrations as APIs.

  • Secure Messaging

    In the Digital world, all things are now driven by API. API is the most crucial part of any automation/implementation. APIs are mostly useful and re-useable components that are consumed by the outside world.


Jade Global is a certified Oracle Platinum partner with a proven track record in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). Our recent accomplishments include successful implementations for various industries, showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence. OIC offers cost-effective solutions with a simplified pricing model, recommendation features, and multiple services in a single offering. Secure messaging is a key component in today's API-driven digital world, making OIC a vital tool for modern businesses.

At Jade Global, we specialize in OIC and offer comprehensive support throughout your cloud integration service journey. Whether you're starting a new project or enhancing an existing one, our expertise and partnership with Oracle make us the top choice.

Choose Jade Global for seamless integration, cost savings, and unlocking your business's full potential. Success is not just a goal – it's guaranteed to us.

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