Staff Assimilation in Mergers & Acquisitions
Staff Assimilation

Staff Assimilation – Mergers & Acquisitions

Jade Global
February 16, 2011

Common Solutions for assimilating staff data following a merger or acquisition:

Corporations face the challenging task of rapidly assimilating newly acquired employees, not only into the company’s culture, but into their information systems. Here are the common solutions generally used:

  1. Manually entering new employee data from source data files is only viable when the volume is low and HR resources are available. This process consumes valuable time and resources, and compromises data integrity.
  2. Programmatically loading employee records using Oracle’s Application Programming Interface (API) is another option, but this process requires an IT team to:
    1. Manually load the data into existing temporary tables,
    2. Construct scripts to instruct the APIs to upload the data, and
    3. Manually verify data upload. This process is time consuming, using valuable resources.


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