The COVID – 19 pandemic has had a significant influence on human lives as well as businesses and communities. Organizations have had a difficult time running/maintaining their businesses. Salesforce has released, a new platform leveraged from customer 360 platform that can assist businesses and communities with safely reopening their operations while prioritizing employee health and safety and helps to prepare and respond for the next crisis.

The following functionalities are available on

1. Workplace command center

The Workplace Command Center is your one-stop superstore for data monitoring and analysis, as well as taking action on anything you need to grow your business and guide your employees. It contains data on employee wellness, facility readiness, and actions and alerts to assist you in acting swiftly and efficiently.


2. Contact Tracing

The contact tracing app has the look and feel of a health cloud, and it assists in the identification of an individual and other individuals with whom they have come into contact, which will aid in the identification of patient zero and the precautionary isolation of others.

The contact tracing app can help you with the following tasks:

  • Health assessments, surveys, consent, and assistance for individuals
  • Identifying regional hotspots to aid the government and local communities


3. Shift Management

This application, which is based on Salesforce Field Service Lightning, will assist in identifying the status of each location's workplace and scheduling employee shifts based on their responses to the wellness survey.


4. Emergency Response management

Salesforce built Emergency Response Management—to give public health organizations and public sector agencies the tools they need to prioritize and mobilize resources and launch a best-in-class response in times of crisis, whether it's a Covid-19 pandemic, natural disaster, or any other emergency—to give them the tools they need to take priority and allocate support and launch a best-in-class response in times of crisis.

The ERM we have is as follows:

  • Public Health Emergency Response Management (ERM)
  • Public Sector Emergency Response Management (ERM)

5. Reskill Your Workforce With myTrailhead

When employees return to work, there may be new rules and regulations, policies, and trainings in place as a result of the pandemic. Mytrailhead mobile App can assist employers in assigning these to employees and tracking their progress. It can also be utilized to skill-up your employees.

6. Volunteer and Grant Management

This is a Salesforce tool that will help you keep track of your charitable activities such as volunteer assignments and social cause volunteering, grant approvals, and management.

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