ServiceNow is the primary endeavor cloud-based stage and arrangements organization conveying computerized work processes for undertakings.

Assuming you are one of the numerous organizations that have embraced ServiceNow to change processes across the endeavor, be IT, client care, HR, or resource the board, among others, you know about the advantages of the ServiceNow stage.

Fast progressions in ServiceNow likewise imply that many undertakings track down a hole in corporate interest and accessibility of talented ServiceNow assets.

Tracking the right group adequately gifted to deal with the task can take time and effort. To this end, ServiceNow ensures qualified associations as accomplices who can assist associations with satisfying their needs.

How are ServiceNow Partners Ranked?

To assist you with finding the association the most ideal to your requirements, ServiceNow has a worldwide accomplice biological system where accomplices are fragmented into Accomplice Levels and given assignments per their accomplishments in the ServiceNow environment. There are a couple of variables that are thought about while granting assignments.

  • Limit - The number of individuals in the accomplice association who are ensured with the ServiceNow innovation.
  • Capability - An association's specialization, laid out by ServiceNow item, arrangement, and work process certificates and perceived by ServiceNow's Advanced Badging Framework.
  • Client Achievement - This is estimated and approved by distributed measures, including executions that meet fundamental consumer loyalty scores.
  • Capacity - not entirely set in stone by a subjective evaluation of an accomplice's computerized change abilities and skills in industrial spaces.

What are the Different ServiceNow Partner Levels?

  • Registered Partner: another contestant to the ServiceNow accomplice environment. An Enrolled Accomplice has met the base capability necessities but hasn't accomplished certificates or any quantifiable exercises.
  • Specialist Partner: An accomplice that gives specific abilities in at least one ServiceNow item.
  • Premier Partner: An accomplice that works in more than one geographic district and has some expertise in less than five ServiceNow items.
  • Elite Partner: An accomplice that shows mastery in at least five ServiceNow items across IT, Representative Experience, and Client care work processes and has laid out tasks across various geologies.
  • Global Elite Partner: An accomplice that has every one of the capabilities of a Global Elite Partner, however, with more profound industry space mastery, mechanical change abilities, and a Chief level of obligation to its ServiceNow practice.


  • Jade Global has exhibited different execution experiences, utilizes numerous ServiceNow guaranteed specialists, has a past filled with effective, huge undertaking scale executions, and has gotten positive consumer loyalty scores to procure the assignment of ServiceNow Elite Partner.
  • Jade Global group is prepared to assist you with building areas of strength for a case in light of your hierarchical necessities and financial plan.
  • Also, Jade Global sticks to a severe ServiceNow execution or undertaking timetable while keeping all of your partners included.

Jade Global Product Line Certifications

  • Customer Service Management,
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • HR Service Delivery
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Now Platform App Engine
  • Security Operations
  • Strategic Portfolio Management.


  • Make a move to push your organization forward with ServiceNow. Jade Global assists associations with preferring yours to beat the difficulties of execution, for example, staffing, timing, and expenses.
  • Demonstrated Skill
  • Jade Global offers a remarkable mix of mastery to the ServiceNow space, including reasonable permitting, counseling, execution salvages, portable application improvement, and staffing.
  • ServiceNow is changing the enterprise by enabling virtually all components of business as a service. A single platform for all processes within your organization drives consolidation, automation, and innovation for a more efficient business model.
  • Jade Global group starts with a meeting to all the more likely figure out your business and decide the right ServiceNow permitting for your necessities. We have confirmed specialists and a half and half obtaining boost spending plans and cut execution times by as much as half. A straightforward and deft system leaves no curve balls.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Chatbot
  • CMS Platform
  • Business App Development
  • Dashboard Customization
  • HR Portal
  • Enterprise Mobile Integration

Benefits of Using Jade Global – A ServiceNow Elite Partner for Projects and Implementations

  1. A ServiceNow Accomplice can help associations carry out or keep up with ServiceNow items. Furthermore, there are many advantages to recruiting experts and utilizing their experience.
  1. Allow Jade Global to envision that you, at long last, got a purchase in to buy another item on the Now Stage. How much achievement did you feel at that time to have another issue to fear: How will you convey this task? Fortunately, there are associations out there that are specialists in ServiceNow, and there are many advantages to consider when looking at an accomplice.
  1. Whether you are executing a mainline item like Data Innovation Administration The executives (ITSM) or simply adding on to your current suite with IT Resource The board applications, there are still a lot of hidden obstacles you can confront.
  1. You should consider if your group has the opportunity or capacity to run with another execution. In any case, is there a method for limiting gamble and expanding your venture simultaneously? A critical method for exploring these tasks is by keeping business results on the front line of your system.
  1. Zeroing in on business results as opposed to filling remarkable necessities at a given time can help your drawn-out mission. For instance, conflicting with best practices to fill a necessity currently could hurt your item and influence you to backtrack on assets to fix things later.
  1. This perspective will dispose of the loss in your venture lifecycle and permit you to lead your group through effective execution. On the off chance that you need to know you can execute an item or administration, it could be an ideal opportunity to get proficient help.
  1. However, when is it right to get the specialists, and what are those benefits? Consider a ServiceNow Accomplice that is demonstrated in the accompanying regions.

1. Proficiency and Specialization

  • Jade Global - Elite ServiceNow Partner is extraordinary because their center business is ServiceNow. Accomplices eat, inhale, and rest ServiceNow, which might be somewhat unique in relation to your group. Intermittently, ServiceNow accomplices have specializations. You might find that various accomplices have different ranges of abilities.
  • For instance, it has center abilities ITSM, CSM, ITOM, HRSD, and ITBM, and Reconciliations can assist you with exploring projects with their extraordinary encounters, which might forestall things like project-related tasks running out of control. You may run into an issue they have looked at previously, and the Accomplice can help you stay away or tackle it head-on.
  • You may find it helpful to view partner capabilities on the partner finder.

2. Time and Resources

  • With the consistent requests from existing businesses, it very well may be hard to pull an inside project group together for another execution. While utilizing an Accomplice to execute, they can zero in on catching prerequisites, imparting really, and making expectations to drive results on the rear of your business results.
  • Caught almost immediately in the SOW cycle, Accomplices can statement how much opportunity to finish responsibilities; Jade Global assists you with understanding the venture lifecycle and setting explicit assumptions for when the undertaking will close.
  • You eliminate the need to deal with your own assets and supplant that with a relationship with the board. It is a typical practice for Accomplices to have committed support to your venture.

3. Time-to-Value and Return on Investment

  • You could have heard somebody in your life say, "On the off chance that you lack the opportunity and energy to get everything done as needs be, when will you have the opportunity and energy to do it over?".
  • Without having determining project plans determining ring, supporting a drawn-out vision from the drawn-out implementation could be troublesome.
  • Accomplices can help you plan and make long-haul objectives through prescribed procedures and their experience chipping away at all phases of organizations throughout their development.
  • Time-to-Esteem and return on initial capital investment is a discussion that continues to change yearly. With a well-conceived plan and long-haul engineering, you could work "at-esteem" of a given item in less than a half year and get a return for money invested soon.

Critical Objectives for our ServiceNow Clients

  • Advance expansive joining
  • Mechanize manual and redundant undertakings
  • Help proficiency
  • Give improved knowledge
  • Present higher activity spryness
  • Measure and further develop the client experience continuously
  • Customize encounters with upgraded information reconciliation

Jade Global - Implementation Services Expertise

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Outfit the force of ServiceNow ITSM to modernize the IT administration conveyance interaction to increment efficiency, smooth out administrations, and add new bits of knowledge while giving predominant representative encounters chatbots, entryways, and versatile applications, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.[Text Wrapping Break]


IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Driven by AIOps, mechanization devices, and intelligent dashboards, organizations can get a 10,000-foot perspective of their IT tasks, screen the well-being of IT framework, scale foundation, increment administration deftness, and foresee and fix issues to stay away from administration blackouts.[Text Wrapping Break]


Customer Service Management (CSM)

Wow, your clients by offering predominant assistance at all collaboration focus. CSM attempts to advance the client support process while proactively dealing with episodes before they happen. Offer self-administration choices and trend-setting innovations like computerization, man-made intelligence, and chatbots to diminish ticket demands and decrease the time to close.


Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD)

Work on admittance to administrations. Change complex business processes into adaptable administrations and backing for representatives. Work on functional effectiveness with improved work processes.[Text Wrapping Break]


Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

It assists organizations with better distinguishing and supporting those ventures that are the most appropriate to meeting key targets and wanted results that drive the most worth. These choices depend on a few elements, the most significant being how well these ventures align with the association's essential objectives. If the drive being referred to doesn't uphold the wanted business result, then, at that point, it could be a reasonable contender for disposal. Then again, drives that adjust well to vital goals ought to be focused on.


Jade Global - Elite ServiceNow Project Implementation Life Cycle


  • It uses a blend of Agile and SDLC methodologies
  • Lead prerequisite working meetings to catch arrangement and configuration subtleties.
  • Record the point-by-point plan
  • Make client stories for execution
  • Survey the client stories with the client for acknowledgment models and endorsement
  • Sort out the client stories into fourteen-day improvement runs
  • Lead day-to-day scrums with the client
  • The leaded week-after-week top-to-bottom story surveys
  • Move stories from work underway to test when prepared for client testing
  • Move to finish when the client supports

Jade Global - Elite ServiceNow Development Approach


  • It owns ServiceNow space
  • Recognize client assets
  • Characterize correspondence plan
  • Characterize project administration plan
  • Locally available assets
  • Plan studios
  • Demand information tests and related documentation
  • Project the opening shot


  • Lead studios
  • Recognize project KPIs
  • Characterize future state vision
  • Archive business necessities
  • Draftsman arrangement
  • Compose client stories, survey for acknowledgment and signoff
  • Adjust stories into 2-week advancement runs


  • Carry out client stories to determinations
  • Perform inner testing, move to client test
  • Commit the endorsed story to the run update set
  • Meeting rhythm
  • Sprint planning
  • Everyday scrum
  • Two times week by week run audit
  • Run review


  • Support UAT
  • Blunder remediation
  • Documentation:
  • Process guides
  • Administrator guide
  • Preparing materials
  • Job-based "train the coach" preparing
  • Information move
  • Support OCM: correspondence, preparing antiquities


  • Go-Live prep
  • Go-Live
  • Hyper career – ordinarily, fourteen days of post-Go-Live help

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