Are you considering ServiceNow for your company and looking for a certified ServiceNow partner to work with? So, you must be curious about how ServiceNow evaluates and ranks its partners.

As one of the leading cloud-based platform providers, ServiceNow relies on a robust partner ecosystem to help deliver its products and services to customers worldwide. It adopts a stringent evaluation system to identify its partners' capabilities and accordingly ranks in five levels, reflecting the partners' level of expertise and experience in ServiceNow products and services.

This blog will explore the different factors that ServiceNow considers for evaluating and raking its partners based on their performance. The blog will also cover Jade's key differentiators, which have led to its recognition as an ServiceNow Elite partner.

Jade's Elite-tire partner status is a testament to Jade's customer-centric approach, proprietary frameworks, and extensive experience across various organizations seeking ServiceNow solutions.

Whether you are looking for a ServiceNow partner or simply interested in the company's partner ecosystem, this blog will help you understand how you should find a ServiceNow Partner for your business needs.

How are ServiceNow Partners Ranked?

To help you find the most suitable partner to meet your needs, ServiceNow has a global partner ecosystem, where partners are segmented into Levels and assigned designations based on their achievements in the ServiceNow environment. Several factors are taken into consideration while awarding designations.

Capacity - The number of individuals in the partner organization who are certified with ServiceNow technology.

Expertise - An organization's specialization, outlined by ServiceNow product, solution, and workflow certifications, and recognized by ServiceNow's Advanced Badging Framework.

Customer Success - This is measured and validated by published metrics, including implementations that meet essential customer satisfaction scores.

Capability – This is determined by a subjective evaluation of a partner's digital transformation abilities and expertise in industrial domains.

What are the Different ServiceNow Partner Levels?

  • Registered Partner: another contestant to the ServiceNow accomplice environment. An Enrolled Accomplice has met the base capability necessities but hasn't accomplished certificates or any quantifiable exercises.
  • Specialist Partner: An accomplice that gives specific abilities in at least one ServiceNow item.
  • Premier Partner: An accomplice that works in more than one geographic district and has some expertise in less than five ServiceNow items.
  • Elite Partner: An accomplice that shows mastery in at least five ServiceNow items across IT, Representative Experience, and Client care work processes and has laid out tasks across various geologies.
  • Global Elite Partner: An accomplice that has every one of the capabilities of a Global Elite Partner, however, with more profound industry space mastery, mechanical change abilities, and a Chief level of obligation to its ServiceNow practice

Jade Global: Your Trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner

Service now

Jade Global has demonstrated its exceptional expertise in ServiceNow by leveraging multiple ServiceNow certified specialists, delivering successful large-scale implementations, and achieving high customer satisfaction scores, all of which have earned Jade the prestigious designation of ServiceNow Elite Partner.

The ServiceNow team at Jade Global is equipped to build customized solutions tailored to your organizational requirements and budget while adhering to a strict ServiceNow execution or project schedule.

As a ServiceNow Elite partner, Jade helps businesses overcome the challenges of implementation, such as staffing, timing, and costs. We offer a unique blend of expertise in the ServiceNow space, including reasonable licensing, consulting, execution rescues, mobile application development, and staffing to ensure your success.

Jade's Product Line Certifications from ServiceNow

  • Customer Service Management,
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • HR Service Delivery
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Now Platform App Engine
  • Security Operations
  • Strategic Portfolio Management

Jade's ServiceNow Implementation Expertise

Jade has expertise in implementation of a range of ServiceNow SaaS products to help organizations transform their IT service delivery process and enhance customer service experiences:

IT Service Management (ITSM)

With ServiceNow ITSM, Jade can help modernize IT service delivery processes to increase productivity, streamline services, and provide superior employee experiences through chatbots, portals, and mobile applications.

Service now

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

By leveraging AIOps, automation tools, and intelligent dashboards, Jade can help businesses gain a 10,000-foot view of their IT operations, monitor the health of IT infrastructure, scale infrastructure, increase service agility, and predict and fix issues to avoid service outages.

Service now

Customer Service Management (CSM)

ServiceNow CSM helps businesses offer superior service at all interaction points with their customers. Jade can optimize the customer service process while proactively managing incidents before they occur. We help businesses implement self-service options and advanced technologies like automation, AI, and chatbots to reduce ticket requests and shorten resolution times.

Service now

Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD)

ServiceNow HRSD simplifies and transforms complex business processes into flexible services and support for employees. Jade can improve operational efficiency with enhanced workflows and streamline HR tasks such as onboarding, offboarding, and benefits management.

Service now

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

SPM helps organizations better identify and support the projects that are best suited to meeting key objectives and desired outcomes that drive the most value. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, Jade can help businesses make decisions based on several factors, the most important being how well these projects align with the organization's strategic goals.

Service now

Jade's Approach to ServiceNow Implementation

At Jade Global, we begin by meeting with your team to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and determine the most suitable ServiceNow licensing for your requirements. Our team of certified specialists and hybrid acquisition approach allows us to optimize budgets and reduce implementation times by up to 50%.

We believe in a simple and agile implementation strategy that leaves no room for surprises. With Jade Global, you can rest assured that your ServiceNow implementation will be efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to meet your business goals.

Jade's ServiceNow Project Implementation Life Cycle

Jade's ServiceNow project implementation lifecycle is a well-structured and efficient process that utilizes a blend of Agile and SDLC methodologies.

Step 1: The implementation process begins with in-depth requirement-gathering meetings to capture all the essential details for the project's design and configuration.

Step 2: Once the requirements are identified, a detailed plan is documented, and user stories are created for implementation.

Step 3: These user stories are reviewed with the client to ensure that they meet acceptance criteria and obtain approval.

Step 4: The user stories are then grouped into two-week development sprints, and daily scrums are conducted with the client to monitor progress.

Step 5: Weekly story reviews are held to provide transparency and ensure that the project is on track.

Step 6: Once the user stories are completed, they are moved into the testing phase, and once the client approves, they are moved to production.

This lifecycle provides a clear and concise roadmap to ensure that the project is delivered on time and meets the client's requirements.

Jade's ServiceNow Development Approach

Service now


  • Recognize client assets
  • Characterize correspondence plan
  • Characterize project administration plan
  • Plan studios
  • Demand information tests and related documentation
  • Project the opening shot


  • Lead studios
  • Recognize project KPIs
  • Characterize future state vision
  • Archive business necessities
  • Draftsman arrangement
  • Compose client stories, survey for acknowledgment and signoff
  • Adjust stories into 2-week advancement runs


  • Carry out client stories to determinations
  • Perform inner testing, move to client test
  • Commit the endorsed story to the run update set
  • Meeting rhythm, Sprint planning, and everyday scrum
  • Two times week by week audit
  • Run review


  • Support UAT
  • Blunder remediation
  • Documentation: Process guides and Administrator guides
  • Preparing materials
  • Job-based "train the coach" preparing
  • Support OCM: correspondence, preparing antiquities


  • Go-Live prep
  • Go-Live
  • Hyper career – ordinarily, fourteen days of post-Go-Live help

ServiceNow Custom Development Projects by Jade

Jade Global offers custom development projects for ServiceNow, leveraging its expertise as an Elite ServiceNow Partner to help businesses optimize their workflows and achieve their goals.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Chatbot
  • CMS Platform
  • Business App Development
  • Dashboard Customization
  • HR Portal
  • Enterprise Mobile Integration

Benefits of Partnering with Jade- ServiceNow Elite Partner

Partnering with Jade Global, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, provides several benefits for organizations looking to implement ServiceNow. Here are some of the key benefits:

Proficiency and Specialization

As a ServiceNow Elite partner, Jade Global has extensive experience and expertise in the platform, including specialized skills in areas such as ITSM, CSM, ITOM, HRSD, and ITBM. This expertise can help organizations navigate complex projects and avoid common pitfalls.

Time and Resources

Utilizing a partner like Jade Global can help organizations save time and resources by allowing them to focus on their core business while we as the partner manage the ServiceNow implementation. We can help organizations establish project plans, set expectations, and provide dedicated support throughout the project lifecycle.

Time-to-Value and Return on Investment

By partnering with Jade Global, organizations can accelerate their time-to-value and maximize their return on investment. We help organizations plan and set long-term objectives and provide guidance on best practices for maximizing the value of the ServiceNow platform.

In addition to these benefits, Jade helps its ServiceNow clients achieve several critical objectives, including:

  • Advancing integration across the organization
  • Automating manual and repetitive tasks
  • Improving efficiency
  • Providing enhanced insights
  • Increasing operational agility
  • Continuously measuring and improving the customer experience
  • Personalizing experiences through enhanced data integration

Overall, partnering with Jade can help organizations achieve their ServiceNow goals faster and more efficiently while maximizing their return on investment.


In conclusion, Jade Global has been named a ServiceNow Elite Partner for its deep industry expertise, technological innovation, and dedicated team of ServiceNow experts. Jade has been able to help organizations transform their business processes and enhance productivity through ServiceNow IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Customer Service Management, Human Resource Service Delivery, and Strategic Portfolio Management. Jade's approach to ServiceNow implementation and custom development is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

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