63% of companies do not use any technology to monitor their supply chain performance. RISE with SAP simplifies and boosts your supply chain process and makes a personalized path to the cloud. To know more, continue reading.


As an innovative business, you may face the challenge of using digital technologies effectively in your supply chain, which can hinder your growth and operational success. By using data-driven insights, streamlining processes, and embracing real-time visibility, you can navigate the complexities of your supply chain. This will help you make better decisions, collaborate seamlessly, and achieve operational excellence that suits your unique needs.

Additionally, digitalization enables you to easily track and monitor goods and information, improving efficiency and ensuring timely deliveries.

Common Challenges & Complexities in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is very important for optimizing operations, reducing costs, and delivering superior customer experiences. However, businesses often need help in achieving comprehensive supply chain visibility. These challenges include

  1. Collaboration, and Synchronization of Data Across the Supply Chain Partners and Provider
    Poor collaboration and challenges in data synchronization among supply chain partners limit visibility, making it difficult to track and synchronize information effectively.
  1. Lack of Real Time Visibility & Unexpected Delays
    Real-time visibility gaps and unexpected delays pose significant hurdles to efficient supply chain operations and customer satisfaction.
  1. Difficulty in Demand Forecasting
    Limited collaboration between the demand side and ERP systems hinders accurate demand forecasting, impacting the ability to predict customer demand.
  1. Complexity in Technological Integration
    Integrating various technical systems used by different supply chain partners can be complex and require significant effort, resulting in delays and limited visibility.
  1. Limited Tracking Capabilities
    Inaccurate or incomplete tracking mechanisms for goods and shipments can hinder visibility, leading to difficulties in identifying bottlenecks or disruptions.
  1. Hurdles in the Digital Transformation
    Businesses often face challenges in effectively leveraging digital technologies within their supply chain operations due to a lack of personalized roadmaps, hindering their digital transformation journey and impeding potential operational improvements.
  1. Lack of Predictive Analytics
    The challenge that supply chain faces is the absence of predictive analytics, limiting the ability to anticipate future outcomes based on supply chain patterns and optimize operations proactively.

Overcoming these challenges in Supply chain, businesses need a seamless integration across all business processes. This will ensure that the processes are connected and work together seamlessly.

Can RISE with SAP be an answer to Supply Chain Perils? Let’s find out

RISE with SAP is a customized bundle offered to customers, which integrates ERP software, business analytics, integration services, digital transformation services, and partner expertise. It serves as a solution that enables smooth migration to the cloud, providing organizations with the tools and resources they need for a successful transition.

This bundle of Transformation as-a-Service offers supply chain partners the advantage of accessing up-to-date transactional data and engaging in real-time collaboration with transparency. This integration enables seamless connectivity among suppliers, logistics partners, OEMs, asset owners, operators, regulators, and service providers.

Incorporating various digital components into supply chain operations is a challenge for customers, including third-party providers, manufacturers, shipping companies, distributors, and warehouses. Managing this process and migrating to the cloud can be overwhelming, as customers must bring together diverse technologies and collaborate with multiple suppliers.

Jade specializes in seamless migration to the cloud, helping customers overcome complexities and integrate digital components effectively. With Jade's expertise, customers can achieve a cohesive and streamlined digital transformation, optimizing supply chain processes for enhanced efficiency.

RISE with SAP empowers customers to reimagine and reconstruct business processes, embrace agile cloud solutions (such as SAP S/4HANA), and seamlessly adopt industry cloud approaches.

The Need of RISE with SAP for Supply Chain Businesses

By leveraging Jade's services for RISE with SAP and its extensive features such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud and seamless transition tools, businesses can unlock a range of benefits including simplified vendor management and comprehensive support for sustainability.

The Benefits of RISE with SAP for Business Transformation

  1. Simplified Vendor Management:
    Enjoy the convenience of a single offer on a single contract, streamlining vendor management processes.
  1. Intelligent Foundation:
    Leverage embedded best practices, business models, and built-in AI to establish an intelligent foundation for your operations.
  1. End-to-End Sustainability Support:
    Benefit from comprehensive support for sustainability initiatives backed by a network of technology providers.
  1. Seamless Extension and Integration:
    Easily extend and integrate with non-SAP and third-party technologies, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.
  1. Cost Savings:
    Achieve up to a 20% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over five years, enabling faster returns on investment.

Moreover, it is worth highlighting that RISE with SAP empowers companies to achieve remarkable cost savings.

With SAP S/4HANA, the private cloud edition, businesses can achieve up to a 20% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) over a five-year period. This remarkable decrease in expenses showcases the financial advantages of adopting RISE with SAP, making it a compelling choice for organizations aiming to optimize their operations and drive efficiency.

Empowering the Supply Chain Experience with Jade's Support for RISE with SAP

Jade delivers the following services to our clients on RISE with SAP:

  1. Process advisory – Includes
  • Benchmarking your business processes with industry and SAP standards and recommendations.
  • Alignment with SAP Best Practices
  • Identification, Proof of concept, and applicability of new solutions from SAP, available in the latest versions
  • Resolution of specific Supply Chain process issues – such as Warehouse optimization, 3PL interfaces, Reporting, and dashboards.
  1. Project Implementation and Operations Includes–
  • Move to SAP S/4 HANA and optimize processes.
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Advanced Returns Management
  1. Digital Transformation Includes–
  • Adoption of Intelligent Automation
  • Process Automation solutions
  • Solutions for IoT, ML, and Predictive Analytics.

Jade specializes in helping organizations like yours build a compelling business case to maximize ROI from SAP investments. By embracing agility, flexibility, and adaptability, companies can leverage critical data, enhance customer experience, and drive significant growth. Jump-start your digital transformation with Jade and achieve desired results.

Move Forward with Jade

With a global network of SAP experts, Jade utilizes extensive industry experience to help businesses overcome transformation challenges.

Begin your journey towards building an intelligent enterprise and achieving impactful business results by partnering with Jade today.

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