EPM New features

Jade Global
July 27, 2017

Hyperion Planning

  • Spreadsheet Like Interactivity with larger data sheets
    • Rapid loading of larger forms
    • Quick cell to cell navigation & scrolling
    • End user being able to extend the model
      • Adding member on fly
      • Embedded advanced predictive planning
      • Time series forecasting with even more history



  • /
  • Auto calculation
  • Sandboxing
  • Excel like formula
  • Increased leverage of statistical modelling
    • Driver based prediction
    • Risk driven planning


Hyperion HPCM

  • New Ledger Model Type
    • Tighter integration with HFM/ GL
    • Analysis support for management
    • Extended leverage of EXA platforms for performance
      • Parallel calculation enhancements
      • Operational transfer pricing solution


Hyperion HFM

  • DCOM not more
  • Platform independent
    • Windows and Linux (Exalaytics) support
    • Significant performance improvements
      • Multicore scaling for consolidation, data retrieval and loads, meta data loads
      • Fast UI interactions and responsiveness
      • Improved database interaction (ODBC replaced ADO drivers)
      • Simplicity
      • Simplified deployment architecture
        • Support for multiple databases per instance
        • Streamlined integrations Java based API
        • Online monitoring (Exalaytics only)
        •  Easy install and upgrade
          • One click install (Exalaytics)
          • No application changes required
          •  Full support for LCM including data and process status


New FCM Module Supplemental data manager

  • Standardized and automated supplemental data collection
  • Management of supplemental data
    • Financial and non-financial
    • Bank line of credits, capital lease commitments, and debit retails etc.


Work flow and collaboration

  • Integration with HFM
    • Meta data and data
    • Post to drill  back from


Integration to smart view

  • Smart view template, data entry, start from existing spreadsheets

Integrated dashboard and reporting New Tax module: Hyperion TAX Governance

  • New module with tax suite
  • Reduces risk
  • Provides visibility to task level status
  • Reduces manual effort through centralized process management


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