Implement a unified platform like ServiceNow Healthcare to monitor risks and vulnerabilities and help scan issues in real-time.

Do you know that experts were able to predict the onset of an epidemic in China much before 2019? And it used to take 10 years to develop a vaccine, but our scientists were able to invent one within a year. It's possible because of the advancement in the healthcare sector.

Data combined with technology have become an essential part of our lives, and it has been making a meaningful impact on the healthcare sector also.Big data analysis has made a notable change in this area. Due to data analytics and technological advancement, treatment costs can be reduced considerably, health scares can be detected in advance, and general improvement of the quality of life can be achieved.

According to McKinsey, automation of insurance claim processes can:

30% reduction of related costs

10-15% improvement in member satisfaction

Up to 30% reduction in adjustment expenses

Impact on Personalized Treatment for Patients

Doctors recommend personalized treatments because "one size does not fit all" and has never fit all. How does personalized treatment matter? Tailor-made medical treatments to suit the individual characteristics of a patient. It is an extension of traditional approaches to treating diseases.

Physicians can select either a therapy or treatment protocol with the aid of high-precision tools. It will not only minimize some harmful side-effects, ensuring a successful outcome, but also contain the treatment cost compared to a trial-and-error method of traditional treatments. Patients require instant answers from hospital authorities, and technology has made it possible. Patients can receive healthcare from anywhere and anytime-be it telehealth services or emergency services. Remote health monitoring is achieved through wearable and home care devices.

Implement a unified platform like ServiceNow Healthcare to monitor risks and vulnerabilities and help scan issues in real-time. It helps avoid any potentially costly regulatory issues, keeps high-priority clinical trials on track, and avoids data breaches. For reporting purposes, every step is traceable.

Impact on Employee Satisfaction

Organizations are going the extra mile in creating a happy work environment. Especially in the medical world, having a calmer composure is essential for the workforce. The challenges that any healthcare organization might be facing are:

  • freeing the physicians to spend more time with patients
  • connecting the processes at the back end so that brokers and agents can resolve claims faster

Technology brings a lot of change in the way people approach work, and the right tools like ServiceNow Healthcare can achieve this.Automation enables direct stakeholder engagement while cutting down mundane tasks and redundancies and freeing employees and physicians to add more value to their areas of expertise.

Advanced technologies like AI and automation with ServiceNow Healthcare can help cut the red tapes. CIOs also want their doctors and nurses to spend caring for patients than getting stuck with routine, repetitive tasks. Automation can connect workflow siloes and get information to reach the right hands at the right time. It will improve the doctor-patient experience as well.

Operational Impact

A holistic and preventive approach is being sought, which means that providers, payers, and life sciences organizations come together to collaborate for improved long-term outcomes. For that, the information silos must be broken down first. Changes in IT infrastructure are crucial for greater connectivity that supports a patient-centric approach.

Data is a resource, and that too is available aplenty. We can derive meaningful insights from them.AIcan be put to best use in helping organizations sift through a variety of data to flag anomalies quickly. It will help organizations identify and resolve vulnerabilities while improving information security.

A single platform, like ServiceNow Healthcare, can unite disparate systems with a dashboard that all stakeholders can see real-time information about claim status, issues that are under investigation, and action that has been taken. Process automation can ensure that workflow happens seamlessly; that is, when one member completes an action, it triggers the next step and updates the system. Adding self-service portals help members have direct access to the latest information, thus eliminating phone calls or emails.

Surviving the Transition with ServiceNow Healthcare

Moving into a new system from scratch is more manageable than migrating from a functional system. We feel lost in the woods because making everything function smoothly while adjusting to a brand-new system is a significant hurdle.

The main reason for data siloes is teams, and functional areas have different ways of managing information. And sharing of information still happens through spreadsheets and emails. Communication breaks as these disjointed systems often create inefficiencies and are prone to human error.

Jade Global is a premier partner of ServiceNow Healthcare. We help organizations embark on the digital transformation journey for a competitive advantage in healthcare. We offer solutions to power the future of healthcare.

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