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Do not let your data center footprint grow to the point that it becomes an end to itself; use your IT infrastructure as it is supposed to be used – as a solution for your day-to-day business problems and as an enabler for growth.

You do not have to do it all – we help customers that want to derive value from infrastructure managed by providers. We partner with a leading cloud provider – AWS, and use their broad set of services and provide deep expertise to our customers to unlock the potential of their data and applications – by bringing them to the cloud safely and cost-effectively.


Migrate To AWS Through Our Full Stack Migration Services

We partner with you as you take the long road toward reinvigorating your IT tool chest.

When that costly data center lease is ending, you might start thinking about whether migrating to the cloud is right for you – how much effort It would be and what the ROI would be. You might wonder how you should assess your portfolio and how you might plan to change the engine in flight. All these fundamental questions and more – we help you find answers to them.

At Jade, we have a culture of ownership – end-to-end- making us a trusted digital transformation services partner for nearly two decades. As part of our Cloud Migration Services, following our philosophy, we can meet you at whatever stage you are at – whether you start by creating a business plan for migration, analyzing your server and application inventory, or planning waves of migration.

Along the way, we help you gain confidence in running and operating workloads on the cloud, partner with your team to create a Cloud CoE, conduct the actual migration following the strategies we derive, and at the same time modernize your operational toolchain, so you can take complete control, with minimal effort, once you reach cruising altitude.

Our Capabilities

Since customers like you have built your Enterprise capabilities over the years through various infra and app development, procurement, and acquisitions, not all pieces move to the cloud the same way. We get on your side to help organize these moving parts and plan for each.

You may have some familiarity with the cloud model, or you may be starting green – we can start by helping you assess your readiness through the AWS Migration Readiness Assessment method on the one hand, and building necessary expertise and confidence on the other, in collaboration with our ADM practice.

We adopt a holistic view to look at your Enterprise, identify all that can be improved, and estimate cost vs. return – making it easier for you to create a solid business case and plan for your migration.

How we help you
  • AWS Readiness Assessment workshops
  • Business case preparation
  • High-level estimates and solution proposal
  • Debrief session – heatmap and risk mitigation
AWS Migration - Assessing The Fit

Sometimes customers want to dip their toes before taking the plunge, and that’s how you should do it. But it would help If you still built the foundation – something that they say your landing zone on the cloud, and how to get there securely – networking and security rules. We help our customers correctly put even the minor dev/test workload on the cloud, so no surprises later.

Preparation also means getting the right people in place – that’s why we do the legwork early and have trained battle-ready professionals to help you get started. While we work on a pilot, we take a more refined look at your state of security and operating model – get close to your teams on the ground and prepare the technical pieces together for a smooth migration.

In case you do not have an updated inventory of your applications and servers, our technical and advisory teams continue discovery and analysis of what you have, how the various parts fit together, and build a holistic project plan, considering the criticality of the workloads, interdependency with other features and your goals that you want to achieve.

How we help you
  • Envisioning workshops
  • Formation of Cloud COE
  • Portfolio analysis and Migration strategy
  • Planning – project charter, risk mitigation, resource planning, budgeting, and timeline
Preparing for take-off

Factories reduce process variance, streamline production, improve quality, and lower cost. That’s why we rely on processes we perfected and patterns developed to move your applications and data.

Automation is the game's name as our teams build migration and operational pipelines for your applications running on the cloud. A combination of AWS native tools, such as Server Migration Service, and AWS Data Migration Service, along with partner tools, such vMotion for VMWare-based migration, makes moving your real estate much more accessible. In addition, we use accelerators to move specialized workloads, such as your Oracle, SAP, and NetSuite – thanks to our Digital Enterprise practices.

We believe security and operations should not be an afterthought, so we build an operational toolchain as we go that will help you monitor the applications closely and take quick action in the event of any failure, demand surge, or unexpected activities. You can have your team job shadow during the build phase so that they can be self-sufficient, and we leave them with complete run books with automation around every corner.

AWS Application Modernization

When customers see the value of using managed cloud services, they often want to extend the benefits by having managed cloud operations. That is when our managed services offerings come to play. You can have your applications and databases separately controlled and your whole cloud-based infrastructure fully managed. Customers see additional benefits in having part of the original team stay close – providing continuous advisory on ongoing AWS Application Modernization, making your workloads more optimized, resilient, and secure – using all the value cloud offers.

How we help you
  • Building on a solid cloud foundation
  • Factory-based approach – Discover, Design, Build, Integrate, Validate, Cutover – rinse and repeat
  • Security, compliance, and operating model
  • Knowledge sharing, runbook creation
  • Managed Services offerings
  • Ongoing AWS Application Modernization
Solutions services
Solutions services

Why Jade

Right partner with the right approach and teams for a distinctive edge.

  • Deep expertise in application and infrastructure managed service
    • Partnership with Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, and Salesforce – unmatched skills in enterprise application management
    • Partnership with Boomi, MuleSoft – a leader in Enterprise Integration
  • Managed service culture – we build it, we own it
    • Whether it is Enterprise apps, Integration layer, or the underlying infrastructure – we always stand by what we build – our customers rely on us in just making their IT work – a no-nonsense approach to value delivery
  • Access to untapped talent pool from India’s most forward-thinking universities
  • Well-oiled talent development machine through – IMPROVE program
    • We do hire the best; more than that, we groom the best
    • Seven-step process to turn savvy minds into battle-hardened professionals in under six months

Customer Benefits

  • Time to market – reduced by 30%
  • Distributed AGILE Delivery Model (DADM)saves TCO by over 25%
  • Increased end-user adoption with a market research-led approach to CX
  • Seamless delivery: highly available for US time zones
  • Dedicated teams – the top talent in PODs as an extension of client teams
  • Ease of engagement: 4 weeks to onboard, 4-week termination
Solutions services

How Can We Help You?

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