Operationalize Customer Success and Service Cloud Capabilities and Productivity with Jade

Salesforce Service Cloud features enable high-growth and mid-market organizations to participate in customer success experiences that were previously the domain of large enterprises. Features like milestones, entitlements, service contracts, macros, help centers, and other tools allow your teams to be more productive for critical metrics like first touch resolution and lessen average time to resolution.

Your organization can benefit from integral features like Lightning Voice, Lightning App Builder, Lightning Snap-Ins, and the refreshed desktop and web conference integration are potent drivers to build a customer-obsessed culture. The Lightning platform connects fragmented applications into a single, connected experience. The Service Cloud process in Salesforce provides command central; it requires less scrolling and fewer clicks, leading to more customer success!

How Your Organization Can Gain with Jade for Field Service Lightning

Jade is a 97%+ CSAT-rated Salesforce Crest Partner. We effectively ease the transition to a modern CRM.

  • Intelligent Readiness:An assessment of your Salesforce ecosystem provides insights and identifies gaps for improvement.
  • Custom Components We maximize Lightning’s out-of-the-box features and create custom components for high-impact activities.
  • Rapid Prototype Jade’s expertise in Lightning Service Cloud, Einstein AI, and Field Service Lightning.
  • Knowledge Sharing Faster adoption across Lightning knowledge, topics, and recommendations.

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