With the GDPR mandate and PII regulations, you must be cautious about securing your customer’s sensitive data. Especially in Snowflake Test/QA environments where several stakeholders access information, Jade has devised a unique approach to overcome the data masking challenges.

Watch this webinar to learn the secret from our Snowflake experts.

Are You Interested in Maximizing Snowflake Data Governance for Test Environments?

We’ve got you covered in our webinar.

In this Webinar, You Will Learn the Following:

  1. How to apply masking to all environments in a cost-effective way
  2. How to make use of open-source and modern tech stack to achieve this?
  3. How to mask data using algorithms?
  4. How to conceal PII data in different applications using the same masking rule?

What is Jade’s Test Data Management Capable of?

  • Conceals Pll data in different applications using the same masking rule
  • Applies masking to all environments
  • Uses of the open-source and modern tech stack
  • Masks data using algorithms

To avoid issues with data quality and regulatory requirements, Snowflake Data Governance provides rules, regs, and processes for master data management, security, quality, and ownership.

To upscale Snowflake Data Governance in multiple test environments across business domains and projects, Jade has developed a data masking solution for test data management. It allows you to define Snowflake’s masking policies, attach policies to custom classifications and create granular metadata.

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