Order to cash is the life blood for a majority of enterprises in Life Science and Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, High-Tech and many other industries. A typical Order-to-Cash deals with varieties of data from several siloed applications. Businesses face challenges getting a 360-degree view into their order to cash data, that results in poor strategy, poor sales performance, delayed shipping, interrupted cash flow and unhappy customers.

Watch our business-led, hands-on webinar where our experts share insights on how you can turn your Order-to-Cash data to result-driven business outcomes leveraging Snowflake Data Cloud with Data Integration and BI tools.

This webinar highlights:

  • Snowflake Data Cloud Overview and how it is the need of the hour
  • Scalable architecture and design to build Order-to-Cash Analytics leveraging Snowflake
  • 360-degree view into Order-to-Cash data
  • Key reports and dashboards that enable customers execute predictive analytics to ensure customer satisfaction, manufacturing process and shipping operations.
  • Best Practices with Snowflake Performance and Optimizations.

Jade Global has been helping customers implement robust and scalable Data solutions leveraging Snowflake ecosystem. Jade Global’s Snowflake and Analytics Service Lines have been growing exponentially every year as more and more existing and new customers have moved to Snowflake from legacy or entry-level data warehouse and platforms. Our experts share how our customers are leveraging Snowflake eco-system to build a highly available and scalable data solution specially around Order-to-Cash – a key business process.