Data Warehouse Solutions & Center of Excellence 

Our unique Data Warehouse Center of Excellence (DWCoE) helps our customers build a strong foundation and roadmap for complete Data Warehouse Solutions. 

The success of any initiative depends on assessing the current system and testing the quality of foundational elements like architecture, everyday routines, processes, and the execution plan, whereby identifying the gaps and pains. The three pillars of any successful project or initiative are Strategic Assessment, Foundation, and Execution Plan. 

Jade has proven DWCoE methodology that helps in accelerated structured Strategic Assessment, Architecture, and Design of the foundational elements such as standard routines and well-defined iterative project execution plan in just 3 to 4 weeks. The outcomes of our DWCoE helps accelerate projects for our customers and save 25% to 30% of overall implementation and migration cost.

Data Warehouse Center of Excellence

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