Do you know how your business is using Snowflake and whether your cost is in line with your expected usage?

Snowflake Cloud data warehouse usage-based model has given users the comfort of paying only for what they use.

But without clear visibility into your usage and costs, it can be difficult to avert overruns or discover opportunities to boost storage and usage, control costs and improve performance.

If you are wondering how to effectively monitor your Snowflake usage and costs, we have a solution for that.

Jade Global’s has built a Solution leveraging analytics to track and monitor Snowflake usage with just a few clicks. This can give you powerful visibility into usage, storage, licensing, and other cost metrics and keep your monthly costs in control while also getting better insight into data loading and transformations occurring in every environment.

Jade Global’s on demand webinar, “Save Cost by Monitoring Snowflake Cloud Usage with Powerful Analytics”, helps Snowflake users, and business owners understand the process of monitoring their data warehouse Snowflake instances, without writing a single query.

Webinar Highlights

  • Snowflake Usage-based Model: Real-time Monitoring Challenges
  • How Data Analytics Tools Help
  • Demo: Reporting Tools & Dashboards in Use