Get high availability and scalability, seamless data sharing through integration, greater data accuracy, and reduced repetition of records with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC).

Is your organization working hard to integrate business applications with faster demand from business stakeholders and customers? Are you finding it difficult to manage and maintain your current integration platform? Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Service provides the cloud-based platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing enterprise-level integrations for your business applications. Jade helps businesses and customers to take full advantage of OIC services, including prompt environment provisioning, seamless integration services deployment, leveraging Oracle Cloud services, external services, and security. We provide experience and assistance in building business application integration.


  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Seamless data sharing through integration
  • Greater data accuracy and reduced repetition of records
  • Integrated security and reduced compliance risk
  • Clear visibility of data and business performance
  • Productivity is improved due to task automation and data accuracy
  • Real-time visibility of data as software is consistently communicating with each other
  • Improved automation as systems communicate with each other
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