As enterprises migrate their application footprints to the cloud to leverage the scalability and subscription based licensing, there is growing concern about the cost, business disruption and risk during the migration. There is also concern about security, time to transition, ease of adoption, and data conversion. Moving to the cloud enables on going automated compliance (automatic patching) and eliminates the need to deal with server hardware and other infrastructure related issues. Making the transition from EBS R12 to Oracle Cloud with minimal effort, cost and risk are critical to quick benefit realization from cloud migration.

Automated migration from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud SAAS

Jade Global's Oracle Cloud Migrator provides a powerful solution to address all the cloud migration concerns. Currently most configuration tasks are manually performed multiple times. This becomes even more challenging when migrating from dissimilar system - EBS R12 to Cloud ERP. Jade Global Oracle Cloud Migrator allows current EBS users to extract their configuration and master data in a seamless fashion for review and import into the Oracle Cloud platform. Time to transition is reduced drastically as configurations can be copied from EBS R12 to Test, Test to QA and QA to Prod environments automatically.

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