Riverbed Technology Gains Enhanced Collab & Reduced IT Reliance with a Salesforce Upgrade

Client - Riverbed Technology, Inc

Industry - Information Technology

About the Client

Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American Information Technology company focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management, edge computing, Wi-Fi, and wide area networks (WANs). Founded in 2002, the company has served more than 30,000 customers including those on the Forbes Global 2000 list. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Products & Services

  • Salesforce Partner Communities
  • Sales Cloud®
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Sales Enhancements

Client Speak

iconJade Global was critical to the success of our Partner Communities implementation. They brought expertise in the solution and a fantastic project manager who kept us on time and on budget.icon

-Partner Program Operations

Business Requirements

  • Migrate existing partner functionality from Salesforce Partner Center Portal to Salesforce Partner Communities
  • Implement a Partner Community that would be easily updated by business users without IT involvement, while maintaining strict brand guidelines and a custom template structure
  • Improved user interface to provide a shorter user journey and better experience
  • Leverage rich capabilities across Community Builder, for personalization, audience and variations based upon how channel partners drive opportunities, deliver technical services and continuously improve product knowledge
  • Enable business innovation for partners

Project Scope Focused on Reducing IT Reliance

Riverbed was using the Salesforce Partner Center Portal when its executives approached Jade Global to assist in a technical upgrade. Riverbed wanted to reduce reliance on IT and make a medium-term investment in the platform capabilities. Using the organization’s legacy system, business users at Riverbed were required to raise a ticket to their IT department for any minor content update or innocuous transaction on the Partner Center Portal. Riverbed wanted to leverage scarce technical experts across all areas of the enterprise. The partner operations team wanted to move fast and own content, as well as expand breadth. Riverbed’s existing Salesforce® licenses could be used for upgrading its systems to Salesforce Partner Community with no additional cost. After performing the initial assessment, Jade Global understood Riverbed’s frustration and where design elements, navigation and information architecture impacted the partner user journey.

Riverbed wanted the design of its new portal to look and feel like an extended part of its corporate website, which was delivered via rich Community Builder best practices and Jade’s UX specialist. Riverbed was looking for both ease of use, a more relevant and contextual experience, and a consistent UI and UX across other company web properties. Riverbed and Jade partnered with Riverbed’s creative agency to craft the CSS and other design elements, achieving a new high water mark in Brand Guideline adoption.

Business Challenges

  • IT intervention was required to edit content and make minor changes on the Salesforce Partner Center Portal.
  • Static HTML pages made on-the-go updates difficult
  • Custom built tabs needed to be added in Salesforce to accommodate registered and unregistered users
  • Multiple variations of same page for different types of users in the portal
  • The collaboration feature was missing in the existing Salesforce Partner Center Portal
  • Dynamic content change requirements could not be met using standard page templates
  • Stringent timelines for project deliverables
  • Providing the right set of features to assure medium-term relevance in their competitive business environment

Outdated Salesforce Partner Center Portal Hinders Velocity

Riverbed was looking to upgrade their systems to the latest Salesforce® technology stack. Its existing Salesforce® portal was dated. The system required raising a ticket to make content changes, rather than allowing end-users to edit the portal on their own. Even minor content updates became a lengthy process. This process prevented decision makers from experimenting with content placement and identifying what works best.Riverbed was eager to upgrade its Salesforce Partner Center Portal to enhance the performance of its offerings with value-added Salesforce Community features.

Although Riverbed’s existing legacy system was serving its partners’ needs, there were issues that hindered collaboration. Partners in the portal were working in silos. There were static HTML pages in place, which made it difficult for Riverbed’s marketing team to align the portal design with its brand and provide a consistent user experience across pages. In addition, the user journey to discover new information on the portal was too long. Riverbed anticipated an opportunity to re-engage and deepen relationships with its partners using new and improved capabilities and collaboration features.

The Solution

  • Custom-designed Lightning Community (Using the Partner Central Community template)
  • Functionality for accessing a custom page variation in the Salesforce Community Portal
  • Custom page templates to easily create multiple layouts
  • Custom built CSS Lightning page template for styling individual pages
  • Collaborative dashboard for viewing certifications and sharing progress on leads and opportunities
  • Automated tool to calculate dividends or incentives earned for partners
  • Detailed and in-depth testing to ensure that the Partner Community runs seamlessly on different devices and browsers

Upgrading to the Salesforce Partner Community with Lightning

Riverbed partnered with Jade Global to strengthen the capabilities of its existing Salesforce® features and add new Community features. Jade Global’s development team worked closely with Riverbed’s marketing users throughout the process to create a custom-designed Lightning Community using the Partner Central Template.

Salesforce Community offers standard User Interface (UI) templates as part of the Community builder. Riverbed wanted the upgrade to include corporate branding. Jade collaborated with the marketing department to build custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) templates on the Community builder. In addition, Riverbed wanted the new platform to be able accept dynamic changes from its business users. To accommodate this, Jade Global built a custom component layout and integrated a rich text editor. The layout and text editor not only enabled business users make updates on their own, but also gave users the flexibility to experiment with content placement. Simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click functionalities were introduced with Lightning. These features allow business users to make partner-specific customizations without IT intervention, and the marketing team can create more personalized content

Furthermore, Riverbed wanted to dramatically change the Salesforce Partner Community navigation experience. The development team at Jade Global customized the Communities navigation menu-trees to display relevant information for different types of audiences. The new customizations included filters for quick searches

During the upgrade, Jade Global added a dividend calculator to the portal for users to update percentages without involving IT. Prior to the upgrade, dividends were either calculated manually or in MS Excel. Additional features included with the Salesforce Lightning experience were new dashboards, deal registration reports, and the ability to work on an opportunity in sync with the sales team. After deployment, Jade Global trained Riverbed’s business users and provided transition support.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced reliance on IT for business user needs (editing, creating and tracking a deal, calculating dividends etc.) on the Partner Community Portal
  • Increased collaboration between partners and Riverbed throughout the deal lifecycle
  • Easier to find and download product information directly from the community
  • Faster response times; partners create leads with no additional touches
  • Streamlined partner on-boarding process
  • Enhanced UI created a better user experience
  • New scalable business model that reduced the total cost of ownership
  • Simplified process of getting new certifications to improve partner positioning

The Modernized Portal Experience

Riverbed’s Salesforce Community Portal transformed from an outdated system to a custom designed, mobile-friendly experience where rich partner relationships develop. The new Partner Community portal operates as a one-point solution with added accessibility and mobile compatibility. It streamlines new partner on-boarding processes, simplifies the process of finding product-related information, and calculates dividends.

Since upgrading, business users can now perform 90% of activities on site pages independently. Partners are working more collaboratively with business users. Users can create deals, add leads and opportunities, and map progress on the go without requiring inputs from IT. This has led to faster response times and reduced conversion time.

Upgrading to the Salesforce Partner community with Lightning opened doors to a modern experience that aligns with Riverbed’s business goals and user needs.