Client: Cloudflare, Inc.

Founded: September 2010

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Industry: Internet Cloud Computing

About the Client

Cloudflare, Inc. is an American content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company. It acts as a reverse proxy between a website's visitor and the Cloudflare customer's hosting provider.

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your external-facing resources such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your internal resources such as behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices. And it is your platform for developing globally scalable applications.

Products and Services

Zero Trust Services

  • Cloudflare Zero Trust
  • Access
  • Browser Isolation
  • Gateway

Business Requirements

In Cloudflare, every month end users used to perform asset revaluation using standard Asset Revaluation processes. The Standard Asset Revaluation process allows only one asset at a time and does not support customization in the Fixed Assets module.

  • Business requirement is to build a solution to process multiple assets at a time, every month end.
  • Asset revaluation process should work for both primary accounting book and statutory book.
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Business Challenges


Existing standard asset revaluation process was unable to process multiple assets at a time.


Users were spending lot of time revaluating multiple asset one at a time using their standard process.


Client required 5000 assets to be revaluated monthly, which involved 5 employees, spanning a timeframe of 4 to 5 days, with a total work effort consuming 200 hours.