About the Client

The company is focused exclusively on the product development requirements of retail, apparel, footwear, luxury goods, and consumer goods companies. What does that mean? Intuitive, user-friendly, and completely web-based solutions.

An easy-to-use, single version of the truth approach to line planning, global sourcing, calendar management, materials management, quality management, collection management, technical design, and continuous improvement of retail execution.

Industry-first PLM mobile apps keep your product team connected whenever and wherever product inspiration, development, and execution occurs.

The Solution

  • Jade implemented NetSuite ERP for their 12+ subsidiaries, involving multi-currency, and automated intercompany management with consolidated reporting.
  • Advanced Revenue Management was implemented for their Rev Rec requirements and compliance with ASC 606 guidelines. Several customizations were made to meet their complex scenario and allocation needs.
  • Used Boomi to integrate Salesforce CRM Ecosystem with NetSuite for Customer Opportunity, Item Fulfilment, and backward integration for Invoice, Credit Memo, Payment, and ADP with NetSuite employees.

Business Requirements

The client wanted to build a scalable, best practice-based business application infrastructure for their organizational growth. They also wanted to streamline business processes across Finance, Order Management, and procurement and reduce manual Operations with compelling reporting and Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP integration.

  • The organization wanted to build a scalable, best practices-based business applications infrastructure to align with the organization’s growth, streamline business processes across Finance, Order Management, and Procurement, and reduce manual Operations and Reports effectively to the Parent organization.
  • The company also wanted to integrate its CRM system with ERP (NetSuite).
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Business Challenges

Salesforce CRM Ecosystem

Multiple systems were being used, and consolidation reporting and Intercompany elimination were done manually, which delayed period close.

Salesforce CRM Ecosystem

Revenue Recognition was done manually in Excel, which was time-consuming and error prone. Also, the residual method of calculation added to their woes.

Salesforce CRM Ecosystem

It impacted reporting because of multiple systems, dependencies, and a manual mode of operation.

Salesforce CRM Ecosystem

They tracked Fixed Assets through Excel for multiple depreciation methods.


The client received multiple benefits while working with Jade. Their billing process is faster and reporting is now efficient. Our experts notified and discussed all the issues faced by the clients and created appropriate solutions. The communication was efficient with the client, therefore, Jade could deliver faster results.

  • Because of the single system (ERP) in use, billing and reporting are faster, leading to faster period close and reconciliation.
  • The company can take preventive and corrective actions now with their new implementation.
  • Dashboards configured in NetSuite help provide snapshots of business performance indicators to management.
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