Industry: Retail

About the Client

The client is an online retailer of recreational equipment and gear. The company was born from a love of gear and a passion for exploring the mountains. Here you’ll find the highest performance outdoor gear clothing and expert-level gear knowledge. It is camping, trail running, mountain biking, alpine and Nordic skiing, mountaineering, backpacking, and more—all under one roof.

IT Landscape

  • Online Retail Commerce powered by custom order orchestrator
  • Backoffice System – NetSuite
  • Logistics and Supply Chain – eCommerce, NetSuite
  • Avalara Tax
  • Ecommerce integrations B2B – Amazon, North Face, etc.
  • AWS infrastructure to support the eCommerce platform

Business Requirements

An online retailer operating in multiple cities with diverse product and logistics needs approached Jade Global for NetSuite support. The company faced challenges managing the inventory and shipments from various fulfilment centers. In addition, their current NetSuite implementation was facing issues with inventory management between suppliers, warehouse management to maintain costs and planning for surging peak seasons, complex supply chain issues, delays in customer fulfilment leading to loss in business, and payment process not tightly integrated with various sources such as gift card, PayPal, Stripe, and other online payment means. They also required extensive development work to enhance the overall functionality of their system. Overall, the day-to-day support operations could have been more efficient.

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Business Challenges


Change management to handle business growth between traditional sales in client-owned gears and supplier-provided B2B sales items.


Item costing was not standardized, and actual to standard cost deviation was causing cost accounting challenges.


Dropship functionality needed to be implemented, leading to delays in shipment and increased inventory handling costs.

The Solution

Jade provided a comprehensive solution to handle all operations, including an end-to-end solution encompassing business processes and support structure for their NetSuite ecosystem, order management, and inventory. Jade improved its current business processes and ongoing support and code enhancements to help keep your commerce business running smoothly.

  • Provided advisory for streamlining the business process related to operations – Inventory, Dropship, Order Management.
  • Created an overall support program structure to handle three streams of work – Advisory, Ongoing Improvement and Development work, 16x5 Support for all enterprise applications.
  • Recommended best-of-breed tools to handle Inventory Management, Order Management, Payment Integrations, and tight integration.


  • Improved Inventory operations that helped reduce the deficit in cost accounting measurement owing to differences in standard and actual costs.
  • Month-end closing process improved from 9 days to 3 days due to a substantially improved support structure and business processes to handle payment reconciliations.
  • Strong Retail business process advisories, including implementing the Dropship function, improved overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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