Fast processing of the flow to make sure the process can use the least amount of time with end-to-end syncing of data on both the system, eliminating manual intervention.

About the Client

Since its founding in April 2015, Nauto has asserted that the path to autonomy begins with helping and learning from real drivers. Since then, our Palo Alto-based team has been working every day towards a common goal of transforming transportation and saving lives. The roadmap below outlines our path to making this a reality.

Nauto is an intelligent camera that protects commercial fleets and keeps drivers safe by preventing collisions before they occur.

Business Requirements and Challenges

Nauto had in place point-to-point integrations with external applications, including Salesforce. These were not touch-free and required manual intervention to handle not so common scenarios. These solutions were not scalable and affected the ability to fulfill sales orders in a timely fashion and collect revenue.

  • Implementation of Salesforce to NetSuite: We needed the right solution to integrate these systems without manual involvement
  • Both systems needed to synch up for creation, update the customer, contact, and sales order
  • Update Salesforce as well if the order is updated/Changed in the NetSuite side; therefore, back part is also in implementation
  • Financial transaction integration for the invoice, credit memo, payment, and RMA
  • Complex business for the Sales order creation with details of the product levels
  • Order needed to sync both the sides even after sync up as well
  • File needed to send the attachment with the order in NetSuite from Salesforce (Files present in 2 objects)
  • Picklist data needed to sync at both the ends as different terminologies
  • Implementation included 3 countries; therefore, the process was different for all, so we had these points for reference in implementation
  • Custom price of the product and different code of same product on the basis of the country was required in this Integration

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