Learn the Story of Integrated Experience Leveraging Integrated Systems and Connecting Business with Cloud ERP Security.

Industry: Computer Security and Data Storage

Client: A US based Networking Company

About the Client

A US based company providing security, networking, and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services. The company’s security products include products for protection against email, web surfing, web hackers, and instant messaging threats such as spam, spyware, trojans, and viruses. The company’s networking and storage products include web filtering, load balancing, application delivery controllers, message archiving, NG firewalls, backup services, and data protection. Company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Campbell, California.

The Business Benefits

  • Our Client was able to perform a seamless transition for SKOUT’s US and Ireland entities to the existing Salesforce and NetSuite ERP Platform.
  • Through training, business users were able to easily adopt the existing system without a much longer learning curve. SKOUT was able to retire the legacy systems like Great Plains and the old Salesforce instance.
  • SKOUT is now able to use the functionalities of ZAB, Advanced Revenue management (ARM), and Consolidated Financial Reporting.

Business Requirements

  • Enable a unified ERP system for SKOUT and Client’s Sales, Marketing, Service & ERP processes, and ERP Security.
  • Transition SKOUT’s business functions from Great Plains onto Client’s NetSuite ERP.

Business Challenges

  • Achieving greater alignment between Marketing, Sales, and Finance teams (MSP business).
  • Understanding the existing ecosystem, adopting the existing business processes, and transitioning multiple systems (Sales, Service, Support, and Finance) into the existing systems used by our client.
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