Case Study Overview

Fully automated integration with Shopify, reduced number of Inventory mass adjustments, elimination of manual reclass entries and complete transformation of the NetSuite ecology.

About the Client

SOL De Janeiro means: Sun of January, capturing the moment when the sun reaches new heights and summer is at its peak. Rio is the city that inspires us with its radiant sun and endless beautiful beaches that inspire our Brazilian Beauty Secrets. Brazilian Beauty is an attitude surrounding natural, confident Beauty and playing up your best assets. We want to bring this beauty attitude and body-positive joy to everyone.

Business Requirements and Challenges

SOL De Janeiro's NetSuite ERP footprint faced challenges in inventory tracking, fulfillment, Financials reconciliation, and Costing. Manual integration with Shopify was not scalable. The EDI integrations with wholesale partners faced difficulties handling various order updates, Items assembly, and fulfillment scenarios.

  • Manual CSV based integration with Shopify was not scalable and was not maintaining/rolling forward Inventory on hand on time
  • Item costs were fluctuating due to landed cost scenarios and were not accurately reflecting in the Financials
  • Inventory adjustments were frequent and commonplace to the business process to account for scenarios not handled by automation rather than the exception
  • AmazonFBA integration was high-touch, with orders needing to be pushed manually
  • EDI integration with wholesale partners to update cancels and partial fulfilments faced automation exceptions that needed manual intervention

The Benefits

  • Reduced number of Inventory mass adjustments delivered by automation's enhanced capabilities to handle fulfillment scenarios
  • Standard business process solutions to handle landed cost – container freight charges scenarios resulting in accurate financials reflecting correct COGS and Inventory valuation, eliminating the need for manual reclass entries
  • Full end-to-end integration with Shopify to handle bundles, assembly items, and Cash sale transactions