Cloud Enterprise Data Warehousing, Reporting and Analytics Implementation for World Renowned Automotive Air Freshener Corporation

About the client

Client is the leading automotive air freshener company in the world. The family-owned company headquartered in Watertown, NY leads the industry in developing quality, innovative air fresheners. Due to the company’s team of world class product, branding and sales experts, their products can be found worldwide from the streets of London to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Client Speak

iconThis simplest reason for why we selected Jade for this engagement was that Jade presented the most complete information to us in the initial RFP phases which helped us decide to change direction and re-evaluated our future direction. Then with the second phase of our evaluation Jade provided the most complete listing of options available to us.icon

Business Requirements

  • Upgrade to latest supported Oracle Analytics platform
  • Retain the business reporting metrics, KPIs and data integration logic
  • Evaluate options and identify the right next-gen analytical solution for Client
  • Enable in-house IT team to take over the control of on-going maintenance and enhancements

Business Challenges

  • Complex and unclear Oracle BI Apps upgrade process
  • Need to evaluate various options before deciding next-gen analytics platform
  • Must retain business metrics, data integration logic and certain business reports
  • Limited in-house IT team and skill sets