Boomi Integration between Shopify, ShipStation and Oracle NetSuite ERP

About the Client

Athletic Greens sells real nutrition products sourced from real food, plus probiotics and digestive enzymes to help body absorb and synthesize. Athletic Greens sells their products in E-Commerce platform (Shopify) across US, UK, EU, China & Canda region, also AG uses Amazon platform in India to sell their nutrition products.

Key Requirements and Challenges

  • Customer Integration between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite ERP using Boomi Integration
  • Sales Order (SO) Synching between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite using Boomi Integration
  • Applying business rules to include Gift items on the Sales Order Created
  • Custom Store API Integration (Get, Post) with Oceanx (ShipStation) for Fulfillment and Shipment
  • Back update Oracle NetSuite with Shopify for tracking and carrier detail
  • Oracle NetSuite Customization for Sales Orders
  • Refund Process for Paid and Fulfilled SO Order