About the Client

Athletic Greens sells real nutrition products sourced from real food, plus probiotics and digestive enzymes to help body absorb and synthesize. Athletic Greens sells their products in E-Commerce platform (Shopify) across US, UK, EU, China & Canda region, also AG uses Amazon platform in India to sell their nutrition products.

Key Requirements and Challenges

  • Customer Integration between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite ERP using Boomi Integration
  • Sales Order (SO) Synching between Shopify and Oracle NetSuite using Boomi Integration
  • Applying business rules to include Gift items on the Sales Order Created
  • Custom Store API Integration (Get, Post) with Oceanx (ShipStation) for Fulfillment and Shipment
  • Back update Oracle NetSuite with Shopify for tracking and carrier detail
  • Oracle NetSuite Customization for Sales Orders
  • Refund Process for Paid and Fulfilled SO Order