Leader in Privileged Access Management Improves Business Operations and Efficiencies after Successful Implementation and Integration of NetSuite, Salesforce® and Celigo…

Client - Centrify Corporation

Industry - Cloud Computing

About the Client

Centrify Corporation is a security software development company. They deliver integrated software solutions that centrally control, secure and audit access to cross-platform systems and applications. They are a leader in Zero Trust Solutions, Zero Trust Security, and boast 95% customer retention with over 2,000 happy customers worldwide. Centrify’s services include authentication, MFA for PAM, Privilege Elevation, and Shared Password Management. They are headquartered in Santa Clara, California and were founded in 2004.

Products & Services

  • Authentication Service
  • Privileged Access Service
  • Privileged Elevation Service
  • Audit Monitoring and Support
  • Privileged Threat Analytics Service

Client Speak

iconNetsuite had its own challenges.Requirements for data loads were shifting for weeks as the business solidified its approach. No tooling existed for metadata duplication. Both companies decided to change fiscal years in the middle of implementation. These were weathered with ease by an experienced Jade NetSuite team, who made adjustments in real-time to produce a working general ledger, fiscal calendar, workflows, dimensions, and a full set of ready master data.icon

Raun Nohavitza
VP Cloud , Operations & IT, Centrify

Business Requirements

To implement and integrate Centify’s current systems of NetSuite, Salesforce and Celigo for its sister Company, Idaptive.

In October 2018, the VP of IT at Centrify contacted Jade Global searching for implementation and integration needs. Centrify wanted to implement and integrate its current systems for its newly established sister company, Idaptive. Centrify was looking for a partner with strong domain knowledge on quote-to-cash flow, Salesforce, NetSuite and Celigo integration solutions.

Business Challenges

While providing a solution for Centrify and Idaptive, Jade Global’s project team was faced with a series of challenges before they could successfully implement the best possible solution. Throughout the project, there were continual changes and requests from the business users in terms of data requirements. In order to remain on track with the promised schedule of delivery, Jade Global had to deliver under short time constraints.

Additional changes in requirements occurred when Jade Global began integrating Centrify’s NetSuite and Salesforce systems using Celigo. Since outdated versions of Centrify’s software systems were used in production, the latest version needed to be integrated, which changed the initial integration requirements.

  • Continuously changing requirements from business users resulted in tight delivery timelines
  • Additional customizations needed to be implemented
  • Centrify required its data and processes to be implemented in a Sandbox testing environment prior to production

The Solution

Despite changing business requirements and technical challenges, Jade Global implemented and integrated the solution on time and within the established budget. Jade Global implemented masters and opening balances for Idaptive’s accounts, as well as configured and implemented Salesforce and Celigo. Custom workflows were designed to meet department-specific needs and role-based approvals.

All new processes were first implemented in a Sandbox testing environment and then put into production to ensure double verification that everything was implemented correctly. Idaptive’s fixed asset data was consolidated into one system through the development and implementation of a fixed asset management system. Finally, Jade Global developed and configured additional custom reports throughout the project.

  • Replaced outdated software by implementing the latest version of Celigo
  • Implemented masters and opening balances for all accounts for Centrify’s new company, Idaptive
  • Configuration and implementation of Salesforce and Celigo
  • Custom workflows designed as per the business needs of department and role-based approvals
  • Fixed asset implementation for Idaptive
  • Development and configuration of additional reports

Business Value Delivered

When Centrify split its business into a new company, Idaptive, executives were concerned about not having all systems in sync and up to date. However, after working with Jade Global, a successful integration put these fears to rest. The new changes and redefined processes requested during the project ultimately improved business efficiencies for Centrify and Idaptive. As a result, Idaptive was able to begin operations using the latest version of Celigo software, while managing fixed assets in a flexible and automated system.

Business Benefits

  • Despite challenging business needs and changing requirements, the solution was implemented on time and within budge
  • Centrify’s business requirements were met within the predefined project timeline
  • Improved overall business operations
  • Customizations helped improve business efficiencies