This Testing as a Service (TaaS) datasheet highlights how Jade Global addresses the escalating overhead costs associated with ad-hoc application testing requirements in organizations like yours.

Operating individual testing setups, vendors, and resources within different teams often leads to significant budget drains. Reasons include underutilized or duplicate purchases of licenses, recruitment and training of resources on an as-needed basis, and managing multiple vendors.

TaaS by Jade Global provides a centralized approach for organizations with extensive IT landscapes, aiming to curtail substantial investments in testing infrastructure. We've successfully helped organizations reduce their overhead costs by 40%.

TaaS is more than a service; it's a strategic investment that consolidates testing efforts and resources. Clients leveraging TaaS have witnessed noteworthy outcomes, including:

  • Optimized license utilization
  • Streamlined testing processes and automated tools
  • Faster testing cycles
  • Access to seasoned testing professionals
  • Early defect identification and

Benefits to Your Business by Numbers

Transform your application testing with TaaS from Jade Global and achieve significant benefits:

  • Up to 30% reduction in project timelines
  • Up to 40% reduced overhead costs
  • 50% savings on training and recruitment costs
  • 60% reduced post-production issues