Large, complex IT systems at companies make application portfolio assessment one of the most time-consuming and complex tasks you can undertake. At times, applications will exist only in silos, and they can run for years doing the same thing as something else – and no one notices. With smaller application portfolios, this is still possible as well. Many organizations do not manage their portfolios at all, whether they have a large application portfolio or a small one.

  • The Application Assessment and Advisory framework from Jade will enable you to figure out what systems you have and how your focus and energy can be better utilized toward your goals and performance.
  • Jade’s expertise helps those who cannot identify IT opportunities of any kind, in their budgets, with planning, consolidation, or even prospects in rationalization.
  • Our application assessment and advisory services will help you perform that assessment and then understand the results of it for an improved look at how to formulate a cloud adoption strategy, current application inefficiencies, application complexities, and maintenance cost considerations for applications.
Application Assessment & Advisory

Our Jade Application Rationalization expertise leverages a team of experts to elevate your existing application portfolio and unlock the power of automation, cloud-native development, and application value.

As a cloud evangelist, Jade realizes that adding cloud to the crowded mix serves little purpose in pursuing the elusive competitive advantage. It is paramount to adopt a cloud-first approach to every strategic move. Our cloud strategy & assessment services identify all the challenges you face throughout your cloud journey—from compliance to adoption barriers.

How Jade can help and what are the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Our assessment is the first step in developing your mission-critical applications' strategic roadmap development. After leveraging our assessment, we understand that the adoption strategy for each application represents a critical investment for the business as they move through the improvement lifecycle for each application.


Our cloud-based assessment takes all of the critical considerations for each application. It creates a value and outcome-based estimate that clients can use for a roadmap for improved application outcomes.


How are our solutions/services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

Jade’s approach is unique: we partner with the clients to understand their existing application landscape, think of the optimized application strategy that suits their current capabilities and strengths, and then derive the right solution instead of giving a generic solution and architecture. This will help the clients capitalize on the existing investments and induce the latest cloud technologies and advancements in cloud adoption.

Our Capabilities

Application Rationalization for Enterprise and Custom Applications

  • Cloud Applications
  • On-Premise Applications
  • Hybrid (Cloud and On-Premise or Multi-region) Applications

Cloud Strategy and Assessment

  • Assessment of Current Application Portfolio
  • Interviews with Key Business and Technical Stakeholders
  • Financial Modeling
  • Outcome-based recommendations

Business Benefits

  • Provide a detailed review of each application from both a business and IT value.
  • Build a tool-based view to see a “snapshot” of each application from a performance, dependency, and network perspective.
  • Gain consensus and align current technology stacks, tooling, methodologies, and processes with business objectives.
  • Move away from redundant IT applications that are expensive, risky, and wasteful.
  • Create a current long-term application portfolio strategy optimized to ensure business and IT success.
  • Assess current organizational structure and staffing, and provide recommendations on skills and resourcing gaps.
  • Identify overlooked areas such as security considerations or disaster recovery.
  • Assess your applications and technology platforms for suitability for cloud adoption
  • Provide a detailed review of each application from both a business and IT value.
  • Create a high-level application landing zone framework and road map with the next steps.
  • Align critical technologies such as Cloud Computing, Hybrid IT, and DevOps to your planned application standards for IT and the business.
  • Create a roadmap with reduced TCO (up to 20%) and increased ROI
  • Choose the right cloud provider for your business needs
  • Create a deployment framework for PaaS and SaaS
Business Benefits

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