Uninterruptible innovation has become the new standard in today’s IT landscape. With the expansion of mobile, social, and data-driven ecosystems, drastic changes have unfolded, catching many industries off-guard and unprepared.

Incumbent leaders, big or small, are facing similar threats, and there are more to come. Amidst all this chaos, one thing is clear:

Cloud Strategy

You cannot look at technology as the starting point to survive and thrive.

In other words, your cloud strategy must uncover opportunities tailored to your business, industry, and needs. It’s about preparing a roadmap of continuous transformation that sets the platform to bridge the gap between the current you and the ideal you.
Making every step count – on and through the cloud journey.

As a cloud evangelist, we realize that adding cloud to the already crowded mix serves little purpose in pursuing the elusive competitive advantage. It is paramount to adopt a cloud-first approach to every strategic move. Our cloud strategy and assessment services identify all the challenges you will face throughout your cloud journey - from compliance to adoption barriers.

Our commitment to unearthing and enhancing opportunities through our cloud offerings makes us passionate about unsettling rigid legacy systems and helping your business understand your cloud readiness.

How Jade can help and the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Our Cloud Strategy and Assessment helps our clients to create the right journey mapping as they embark on a well-defined cloud strategy framework (as shown below).

Application Rationalization Deliverables

As part of our Cloud Strategy and Assessment framework, we focus on the core outcomes for customers:

  • Amplify cloud-driven value through proactive strategy and readiness assessment.
  • Go beyond the technical and identify solutions through the lenses of the business (finance, marketing, HCM, and Procurement).
  • Create a well-defined roadmap for cloud application adoption.
  • Know precisely how and when applications should migrate to the cloud.
  • Get insightful suggestions on consolidating and integrating your existing applications to derive more value.

Our end-to-end assessment is led by a Cloud Strategy Workshop focusing on the Financial, Operational, and Regulatory aspects (among several key factors) to consider when to move your applications and workloads to the cloud.


Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Cloud Strategy and Assessment
    • Assessment of Current Portfolio
    • Interviews with Key Business and Technical Stakeholders
    • Financial Modeling
    • Outcome-Based Recommendations

How are our Solutions/Services better than what exist in the market for a given problem(s)

Our proven Cloud strategy and assessment approach to cloud adoption for mission-critical applications result in a detailed outcome-based roadmap for each application based on key data collected, including ownership, process alignment, regulatory considerations, and financial expenditures:

Business Benefits

Key benefits of a cloud strategy and assessment include:

  • Assess your applications and technology platforms for suitability of cloud adoption.
  • Provide a detailed review of each application from both a business and IT value.
  • Create a high-level application landing zone framework and road map with the next steps.
  • Align critical technologies such as Cloud Computing, Hybrid IT, and DevOps to your planned application standards for IT and the business.
  • Create a roadmap with reduced TCO (up to 20%) and increased ROI.
  • Choose the right cloud provider for your business needs.
  • Create a deployment framework for PaaS and SaaS.
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