Jade, a Platinum Boomi Partner, provides a faster and simpler way to leverage the leading and modern integration platform to greatly enhance your projects. Integrate various enterprise applications (Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle Cloud, SAP, and Boomi Master Data Hub, etc.) cost-effectively using our pre-built templates. We use a hybrid integration methodology to simplify and achieve rapid time to value by reducing data and application integrations by weeks, months, and even years! Take advantage of our 4-week Jumpstart Service Package to get you quickly up and running, without going over budget.

Why Jade?

Jade is a Boomi-Certified Platinum Partner specializing in enterprise-grade solutions for all integration needs. We work closely with Boomi to deliver complex, cost-effective integration solutions like Boomi Master Data Hub for Cloud and on-prem applications to help customers achieve rapid digital transformation. Using pre-built templates from past solutions, we help our customers to quickly get started on integration projects across the organization, Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle Cloud, SAP, and more. We use best practices for Master Data Management to solve data synchronization issues between applications. Jade’s Managed Services team provides 24×7 support to ensure strong inbound/outbound data flow and connectivity. 

The Jade Advantage

  • We recommend the best available integration platforms to meet all your enterprise applications needs
  • We leverage seamless, smooth digital transformations without impacting business continuity
  • Our certified integration experts simplify your evaluation process with cost-effective features like standard connectors, business ruled engines, business activity monitoring, and service-enabled API management
  • Our jump starter package helps customers to get up and running in just 4 weeks. We implement integration platforms, set-up integration roadmaps, design, and architect integration processes, develop and deploy top endpoints, and provide suitable user training
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Boomi ROI

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