• Is Investing in Salesforce Worth it?
  • Want to assess performance effectiveness on your Salesforce CPQ investment even before you invest?
  • Do you want to know if your investment in your Salesforce CPQ solution will pay you the CPQ Return On Investment (ROI) you seek?

The proverbial questions are on your mind now that the time of the year is ripe to think or rethink investments for your business. With Jade Global as a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, we constantly encounter this query with our clients.

For us, it is about giving our clients a sense of understanding, so they continue or enter into partnership with us with trust and open-eyed. The outcome of any investment is dependent on several variables. But we can give you an insight into your investment and consecutive results by calculating your ROI.

Jade Global has launched its new Salesforce Revenue Cloud Calculator to give you a preemptive knowledge of your CPQ investment.

Why Calculate Salesforce ROI?

Salesforce is truly a force; businesses worldwide have experienced a meteoric rise in their outcomes and processes. Offering you a short glimpse:

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Plus, Salesforce can reduce your cost with secure cloud software. An IDC study observed that an average Salesforce payback duration is 13 months. They found a 300-500% return on investment over four years.

Now all these numbers mean moot to you if you are still trying to convince. And quite justifiably so. After all, they do not reflect your business. Every business setup is different; hence the requirement of what comes in and goes out is different too. That’s where our Revenue Cloud Calculator comes in to help you understand what you will be gaining with your specific business. So, the calculator estimates what your Salesforce investment will fruit, not company A or B’s.

An intelligent way to know if you are getting your money’s value from your Salesforce CPQ investment:

The Revenue Cloud Calculator allows enterprises to gain awareness of how their CPQ implementation will add value and turn processes around for the better for businesses. We call this proactively informed decision-making.

salesforce roi cal blog image

It’s simple and self-explanatory:

Fill in details as you go, specific to your business needs, and Wala! You have a near-perfect number in terms of quantifiable returns.

Engage with our Salesforce Revenue Cloud ROI Calculatorto know your CPQ investment yield.

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