While Essbase is no longer part of the Oracle Analytics stack, it has reclaimed its identity as a database management system. The latest release is called Essbase 19c, and it will be part of the database family. Essbase 19c is expected to be released in June 2020 and can either be deployed on-premises (Oracle Safe harbor) or on Essbase on OCI via Marketplace.

Extended Utilization of Oracle Essbase 19c

The Essbase product that Oracle carries today still maintains the same core values as the one initially released 21 years ago, although its technology is light years away from the original. When it first came to market, Essbase (Extended Spread Sheet Database) was the only multidimensional database to introduce capabilities like “drill” and “pivot” in Excel. Over the years, product innovation continued. Oracle improved Essbase by taking it from a departmental solution and transforming it to Enterprise-grade status with high-speed dynamic aggregation, clustering, and disaster recovery. Today in 2020, OAC Essbase does not exist beyond your current contract. As soon as your contract ends, users are forced to move to either on-premise or OCI.

The following new features have been added to Essbase 19c:

New features added in Essbase 19c

  • Federated Partitioning
  • Hybrid Mode
  • Connection and data sources
  • Rapid Application Development
  • EAS is replaced with JET UI
  • Selective LCM Migration
  • Supports Hybrid Calcs
  • Rest API for building analytic applications
  • MAXL Client

Things that are not supported in Essbase 19c

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