Singleton Design Pattern JavaScript and its Business Benefits

In software engineering, the singleton design pattern javascript is one of the most straightforward design patterns. Singleton Architects Class is much needed when you need to use the same object of a class across all classes or framework, for example, a single database connection shared by multiple objects, as creating a separate database connection for every object may affect performance and memory utilization.

When a class is created in a way that it can have only one instance at a time, it is called Singleton Design Pattern. The singleton pattern is basically a software design pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one "single" instance. It is used when exactly one object is enough to coordinate within the system.

On trying to instantiate the Singleton architects' class, it returns the same instance. So, if we make any modifications inside the class through some instance, it affects the variable of the single instance created and is visible on accessing that variable with that class-type defined.

Advantages of Singleton Design Pattern

  1. If many people have the same requirement, then it is not required to create a separate object for every requirement

  2. Improved performance

  3. Improved memory utilization

Steps to follow to create a singleton class

  • Declare the constructor of the class as ‘private’ so that no one can instantiate the class outside of it

  • Declare a static reference variable of class

  • Declare a static method with return type as an object of this singleton class which should check if the class is already instantiated once. The concept of Lazy Initialization will be used to create this static method.

singleton pattern implementation in java


Object created.

Explanation: When you run the above program, the output would be “Object created” only once though you have created the object twice. This is because of singleton design pattern.

How does singleton design pattern help in Selenium Web driver?

  1. Keeping track of the same driver instance throughout the execution

  2. DBMS connectivity

  3. Loading external files like properties, excel, etc. once and not repeatedly

  4. Logger [In logging framework, log4j property configurator and logger class instantiation can be done in singleton design pattern]

Below example is to understand the implementation of singleton design pattern with Selenium Webdriver.

singleton architects

Create a public class to use singleton design pattern object.


Outcome: When you run, browser get launched and opens the specified URL. We have created two instances of class SingletonBrowserClass, but both are referring to the same instance.


Singleton Design Pattern JavaScript is an ideal way to instantiate some classes which will be used at multiple places in each framework. It prevents instantiating these classes repeatedly. For example, we can include Properties, WebDriver, FileInputStream, and Excel handling classes in singleton-designed class.

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