Business Applications of CSM in ServiceNow

What is ServiceNow CSM?

The ServiceNow CSM Customer Service Management is about managing Customer Experience, Resolve Customer Queries, Fulfil Customer Requests and Resolve issues reported by the Customers. It provides multiple channels for the Customers to reach out for assistance and get support as needed.

The Key Challenges of Customer Support and ServiceNow Service Offering as a solution

B2C: Business to Customer

  • Customer Service Teams receive enormous number of service requests, queries and issues, these are via different channels.
  • The Interaction Channels are not interconnected resulting in bad user satisfaction
  • The Customer Support Team has many manual activities involved and is a tedious process in disconnected tools resulting in bad user engagement and management
  • The disjointed data doesn’t help in User Analytics

B2B: Business to Business

  • Account Management Teams receive many requests, queries and issues, these are from different Customers via different channels
  • The visibility to the Account Management Team on the Customers Subscribed Services, the financials associated with it, the issues currently being investigated, The Status of the Services or Previous Queries/Requests are very limited resulting in loss of business from customers
  • The Account Management has many manual activities involved and is tedious process in disconnected tools resulting in Bad Customer Engagement
  • The Disjointed Data has Customer’s information in segmented forms and in different disintegrated tools resulting in less or no analytics of Service Dynamics.

This leaves Customer Support with the below listed key questions:

  • How to improve user satisfaction?
  • How to understand user dynamics?
  • How to manage the huge data in different forms?
  • How to improve customer satisfaction?
  • How to engage customers?
  • How to perform analytics on the disintegrated data?

This leaves Organizations with the below listed key questions:

  • How do I manage multiple data and information sources?
  • How do I increase Customer Experience?
  • How do I facilitate better Customer Support Management?
  • The Multiple Data Sources are Error Prone due to too many Manual Interventions, how can I minimise this?
  • The Segregated Data doesn’t give the Utilisation View, Should I spend more on managing these Data and Information?
  • How can I get Service and Component Consumption Reports in one place while using multiple data and information sources?
  • How can I facilitate Customer Management Team with all the information they need in one place?
  • How can I facilitate real time information of the account specific issues to the Customer Support Team?

Solutions to Customer Support Challenges with CSM

B2C: Business to Customer

CSM Standalone module address the challenges for the B2C models by providing the below listed features:

  1. Omni-Channel Interactions
  2. All Users Queries, Requests and Issues in one place
  3. Options to keep the users informed on the status resulting in more transparency
  4. Visibility of all aspects of information about the user including trends and analytics to the Customer Support Team backed by visibility at a component level with the Asset Management and CMDB linked to CSM
  5. Visibility to all service usage trends and patterns of the user

B2B: Business to Business

CSM in ServiceNow along with integration to ITSM and ITBM is a WOW Factor for the B2B Account Management and Engagement Management Teams as they provide the below listed features:

  1. Omni Channel Interactions for Customers
  2. Options to On Board the Customer once the MSA is signed
  3. All Customer Queries, Requests, Issues in One Place for specific accounts
  4. All Customer Subscribed Services, There Financials and Related Program and Projects in one place segregated by Accounts
  5. All Customers Ongoing Incidents, Problem, Change and other statuses for ease of access from ITSM again segregated account wise
  6. Ease of Access to Relevant Teams for Functional Escalation based on the Issue/Requests/Queries reported by the Customer
  7. All type of Analytics on Service Usage, Subscriptions, Financials, Payments, and Invoices
  8. CSM also goes ahead and provides to option to subscribe for a Service or Extend the Service on the portal can be utilized by the Customer directly – This Enables a whole new perspective of Customers viewing the Service Portfolio and Self Enrolment/Extensions for a Service once they have the MSA Signed and Onboarded, this is enabled using the concept of Entitlements which also enables Digital Contract Management

Advantages of CSM in ServiceNow

Below is the list of ways ServiceNow CSM impacts in managing "End to End Customer Relationship Management":

  • Engage Customers via different channels, CSM Enables different communication channels within the ServiceNow Application
  • Online solutions to all type of issues/queries/requests, CSM Facilitates better management of Knowledge and Information thereby helping Customers with Self Help Options
  • Better Customer Service and Turn Around Time, The CSM Team is facilitated with all Account Specific Information starting from the Subscription Details using Entitlements to the Real Time Incident and Component Level Information by linked Modules of ServiceNow – CSM, ITSM and ITOM along with other modules
  • Proactive Support to Customers based on Analytics and Different Views of Service Usability which can be drilled down to the component level from Business Service Level, The Account Managers and the CSM Team will have the Real Time Information using Linked Application and Modules of ServiceNow such as ITSM, ITOM, Asset Management, CMDB including the other modules as well.
  • Monitoring of Service Usability Patterns starting from the Business Service Levels which can be further drilled down to the component level is enabled using the linked ServiceNow Applications and Modules such as ITSM, ITOM, Asset Management, CMDB including the other modules as well.
  • Improved Quality of Service via tracking of The Customer Experience, Usability of the Services, their components in one application
  • Use of ServiceNow as a one solution at an Enterprise Level enables Streamlined Processes and better delivery of services

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