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Scorecard vs Dashboard

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July 27, 2017

The Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard is regularly mistaken for the dashboard. The primary distinction between the two is that the performance dashboard is similar to the dashboard of a car and shows the status at a particular point in time, whereas a scorecard shows progress over time. Scorecards are regularly said to be a visual response to the inquiry, “How are we doing?” Software scorecards emphasize individual accountability for contributing to and achieving strategic goals. In contrast, software dashboards evolved as the information systems equivalent of the automotive dashboard that displayed real-time changes to tactical information often displayed as charts, graphs, and gauges. Software dashboards also offered the ability to drill through top-level information into supporting data

Scorecard vs Dashboard

A scorecard being a piece of a more extensive corporate procedure or administration teach, and is a report card of how a given individual, specialty unit or substance performed regarding certain objectives over a given timeframe. A dashboard being an arrangement of markers about the condition of a procedure, bit of hardware, or business metric, for example, money close by or YTD deals at a particular point in time. Scorecard inalienably measures against objectives, dashboards need not. Dashboards comprises of crude news while scorecard portrays article of sorts.

Dashboard provide tactical guidance, while scorecard can assess the quality and performance of execution. Download datasheet Jade Global Financial Dashboard

The scorecard could contain information like

  • Median issue determination time
  • Percentage of issues determined at first contact
  • Mean follow up satisfaction result
  • Percentage of issues determined as for time


The dashboard will contain following

  • Number of inbound brings in a line
  • Current hold time for in bound calls
  • Predicted hold time in two hours
  • Current hold time for accelerations