Why Are Boomi and Snowflake Good for Data Interchange and Data Sharing?

Today, Organizations are making huge investments in trying to interchange or share data internally within various Business units, or, externally with their partners and suppliers. It’s the prime need to get data into hands of business partners to unlock more effective collaboration for example - Purchase Orders, Invoices between two more organizations OR data sharing with internal business units for departmental analytics.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been playing a major role in Business-to-Business (B2B) communication. But not all organizations are EDI enabled or have the right tools and technologies in place to electronically exchange data with their business partners. EDI-enabled Organizations do face many challenges like poor performance, high operational cost, security threat and so on.


The Next Phase of Digital transformation requires Connected Data-driven business

By Vinit Verma

There is a need to move data within and across organizations that are becoming an imperative for any organization trying to enhance their ability to make smarter, faster decisions with data. At Jade Global, we have been helping our customers in building robust technology solutions with Boomi and Snowflake to enable them to interchange the data with their Business Partners. We have experienced the issues with the traditional way of data interchange and data share.

Traditionally, data sharing happens either creating dedicated Data Marts for internal business units or using EDI platforms to generate EDI files and share with Business Partners. There are many problems in the traditional way of data sharing.


With Traditional Architecture, there is a need for multiple data marts which store redundant data. It is very difficult to scale-up when there is high demand. Due to complex architecture with heavy on-prem hardware needs, the overall infrastructure becomes very costly with poor execution speed.

To overcome the problems of Traditional Architecture and the way organizations are interchanging or sharing data internally and externally, we came up with a robust, scalable and cost-effective framework with the help of best of breed Cloud Platforms like Boomi and Snowflake for data interchange and data share.

Boomi (www.boomi.com) instantly connects everyone to everything with a cloud-native, unified, open, and intelligent platform. Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is trusted by more than 11,000 customers globally for its speed, ease-of-use, secured data sharing and lower total cost of ownership which allows users to discover, manage, and orchestrate data, while connecting applications, processes, and people for better, faster outcomes.


Snowflake for Data Sharing is the first Cloud-Native Data Platform that delivers the performance, scalability and concurrency required to allow you to finally address your most demanding data-related challenges. Snowflake’s unique Data Share feature help organizations share their data securely with their business partners instantaneously. Snowflake’s Data Cloning feature provides a way to share the data internally without having replication of data. It’s unique de-coupled Compute and Storage architecture enables very cost-effective limitless elasticity with computing power and storage.


Modernize your EDI Process

Data Sharing among business partners and internal divisions can be modernized with the use of Boomi and Snowflake. As depicted in the high-level architecture, for any EDI-enabled business partners, Boomi can integrate with any of the applications/data sources and generate the EDI files (example – Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc.) send to the Business Partners over secured network offering secured data sharing.


At the same time, the data related to the EDI transactions can be pushed to the Snowflake Data platform for further business analytics. In the case of non-EDI enabled partners, Snowflake’s unique Data Share feature can help share the data with business partners doesn’t matter if the business partner is a Snowflake Customer or not. The sending organization can create a reader account for it’s a partner and the partner can securely get the data instantaneously.

With this Architecture, Organizations can solve many problems which they have been facing with Traditional way of data sharing or platforms. There are many advantages of Boomi and Snowflake Data Interchange and Data Sharing.


All Data is centralized and shareable with Single source of truth. Limitless elasticity for computing and storage, very cost-effective, help optimize revenue and cost with faster and better decision making.

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