My small world always had exciting and curious things going on and there was a twist in October 2018.

I was interviewed by Jade Global and got placed into my first job.

I was a student with many goals and dreams. I always believed that as a student who had graduated with honors, I would never compromise on my first job. And I didn’t. I did my own research and was pleasantly surprised to learn about its diverse service offerings, healthy work environment, open culture, work-life balance, etc. I began to prep for the interview which consisted of several rounds.

I funneled through the stages. The results of the technical round were to be announced on the following Sunday. I wasn’t worried because I believed that I was destined for Jade. I am happy that I had made it this far. Yes, I was selected for the HR round. My happiness knew no bounds.

I remember that morning when I was the first person to reach the college with so much enthusiasm. I was dressed in white formal attire as I thought it would be a peaceful color for a beautiful beginning. I guess I was energetic and had researched well about Jade. My interviewer looked impressed. He even asked me whether I could shift relocate from Hyderabad to Pune. I honestly wasn’t sure at that moment, but I didn’t want to lose Jade. I said yes, and here I am…in Pune

In June I was a student. In July I became a trainee. So much had changed. I was informed that I had to travel to Pune for a training period of 3 months. I was delighted, and yet had a pool of questions.

  1. What should I pack?
  2. What clothes to wear to office?
  3. What would the first day be like?
  4. Would my other colleagues be nice to me?
  5. What technology should I learn in advance?
  6. Should I behave like an employee or student?

Confidence is the key to success. Whatever you choose to wear just be who you are. And with these thoughts, I dressed in a light peach colored Kurti with a white legging and I made sure that I was on time on my very first day at Jade’s Pune office. I was amazed with the infrastructure, cleanliness, well-equipped space, coffee machines, and good air-conditioned training halls. And you know what I was wearing a big smile all day long. And I wasn’t the only one. Read the blog: Campus to Corporate with Jade

There were 58 others like me who had embraced Jade. Our seniors welcomed us with same level of joy and enthusiasm we had. There was a cake cutting ceremony, followed by a photo session and a yummy lunch. We were given our ID cards, a dell laptop with a bag, a coffee mug, a water bottle, notepad, pens, and candy! Jade sure had done an amazing job at making us feel welcomed. I wondered if Pune would do the same.

There sure was some adjusting to do. I had to transform from a Hyderabadi to a Punekar. The food was something I really had to develop a taste for, but I was thankful for the pleasant weather. I had to find accommodation and many of us opted for a Paying Guest setup. It isn’t ideal, but it helped me focus on learning and less on finding an apartment. I fell in love with my office location; the view of the fog-laden river and the green patches was stunning. Yes, it's a perfect scenic view. Who then cared about the PG accommodation? I could just spend hours taking in the sights at Jade.

If you love your work, spending time at the office can be very interesting. I know what you are thinking. How interesting can training be? Well, let me break it to you. My company has put so many efforts to keep the trainings interactive, interesting and knowledgeable. They exactly know how we can learn; I enjoyed the soft skills training sessions from our English trainers and a glance of American Culture. Things that I would never have heard of if it hadn’t been for Jade.

My new colleagues and I were also very privileged to become part of the company’s 16th anniversary. Many of us participated in it. I was a volunteer at the event and felt so responsible. I got a chance to meet our CEO Karan; he is a cool and kind person. We even shared our table for dinner after the party. Ultimately, it was a good experience of the first party at Jade and at the Town Hall meeting.


Some good things continue..

One month has passed and my technical training has started. I’ve gained more confidence and independence after my month at Jade. Eagerly waiting for the first salary with which I can make my parents proud and happy. Did I mention that I’m having a great time with my colleagues who are more than friends to me now?

So yes, coming to Jade was a step in the right direction. And as we know the first job is always special. I would love to maintain a long term stay with Jade Global, where I create value for the company and for myself.

To see why I have been bragging about Jade Global feel free to visit their website

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