Campus to corporate is a very common phrase thrown around loosely by TPOs in colleges, companies recruiting freshers, and students aspiring for jobs. I honestly never really realized its depth and the number of responsibilities and obligations it masks. I always thought it as another phase in life. It sure is the very foundation of our professional career, which is very crucial in my opinion. I only understood this after becoming part of a corporate. Also, there is a sudden sense of maturity which you notice is transforming you constructively when you come to the corporate world. As a student, I wasn’t much aware of the corporate culture and what people at work expect from you to bring to the table. So, I wasn’t distressed, but I had no clue what to expect as I moved from campus to corporate.

I was lucky that the experience of my transition as a student to an employee at Jade Global was smooth and comfortable. I found people here are concerned about each other. The work ethics and policies established by our CEO and his team are thoroughly inspiring. With trust being the key to the success of the organization- be it trust amongst the employees or trust clients put into Jade- I felt like I had made the right choice of joining this company. Our first day at work was completely dedicated to us the new college graduates, and I remember the HR saying, "First everything is special. So we wanted to make this day a memorable one for you guys."

Having been around in this company for over a month now, I can share a few insights which have inspired me to do my utmost with Jade. I was fortunate to have had the chance to interact with our CEO, Karan Yaramada in person and I found him to be encouraging. In any IT company, people are its asset and I see Jade values this. All the employees, right from senior-most rank to the sub-ordinates are very co-operative and supportive. It’s very easy to walk up to anyone and get an issue resolved. The office ambiance I’d say is very contemporary and motivating, and one can feel the positive vibes reflecting all over.

We are in the training period and I must say the training and trainers have made sure that we see the changes ongoing in our lives as challenges that are worth our while. Our mentor is often funnily charged with pampering the NCGs; she’s always available for us, listens to us, guides us and helps us in every way possible to cope with the new environment. Changes are inevitable in one’s life but our perspective defines the path we choose for ourselves. I understand that changes can be apprehensive but one should see these changes as opportunities that will benefit us in the long run and try to learn as much as we can to bring value to our life as well as to the company we work with. Read the blog: From Hyderabad to Pune- Journey of a Student to an IT professional

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