As COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation and the world, businesses are looking for ways to stay productive in the face of unprecedented challenges. Managing staff procedures, increasing, or decreasing headcount, and maintaining workloads have become a remote process for many businesses as they look to protect their workers, their customers, and the public. Every day we are building the new normal for everyone at home and in the workplace.

Is the ‘new normal’ Changing the face of recruitment?

We are all getting accustomed to working from home environment and have found ways to make it effective to have our team work effectively not being in the same physical space. Organizations are actively adapting and learning the art of working Virtually and this could potentially be the new normal in the future. The acceptance of this New Normal will not only help employees choose their working environment but will also challenge organizations to take a fresh look at how they define job expectations, roles and responsibilities, ultimately bringing in greater opportunity for part-time employment, back-to-work opportunities, and freelancing.

Virtual Interviews have become the New It Thing!

We’re living in the digital age where we have a vast pool of information available to us just a click away and we have various options available to us that can help us replicate the traditional in-person interview. Prepare for it like you would for an in-person interview.

Here are a few pointers that can help in having a successful E-interview:

  1. Perform research on the company before the E-Interview:

    Researching on the company that you are applying helps get a clear insight into the organization it prepares us well for the interview. It can help you prepare thoughtful questions for the interview which will create a positive impact on the interviewer.

    Here are a few things you should know before your interview:
    • Research about the product or service of the organization
    • Go through the Job Description thoroughly
    • Research about the company’s culture
    • Learn about the client they are working, this can create a lasting impression on the interviewer
  2. Conduct a trial run:

    As an E-Meeting depends on the application you will be using as a mode of communication it becomes important that we get acquainted to the application well in advance. This removes the fear of unknown and helps boost confidence. Check for the Audio setting bad audio is often worse than bad video. Managers would rather hear you perfectly with a few hiccups in the video feed, rather than the inverse.

  3. Virtual Background:

    It is a great practice to look professional on a video interview. If you are not able to take the interview in a proper setting, ensure that you choose a virtual background that will help create a professional ambiance which will help in making a positive impact.

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The change may be difficult at first, but this New Normal in the Wake of COVID-19 would open a new venture in the field of Hiring. Looking ahead flexibility and experimentation will be the New Normal.

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