• Learning Vision and Learning Journey post the New Normal.
  • How do we see the Future of Learning in 2021?
  • Tech enablement is the Future of Learning.

Jade Global has always been known as a customer-centric company. Our business philosophy since early on is to view our business from the lens of our customers and offer services with only one objective – To support our customers wholeheartedly and always win amidst ongoing technology revolutions and tough competition. Customer Success is the heart/DNA of Jade Global. Our business reputation of being an excellent trusted partner who understands implicit and explicit customer asks and delivers high-quality service on time led us to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies by a leading magazine brand for 10 consecutive years.

To achieve this Learning & Development (L&D) has always been at the center stage of our business philosophy. To enable customer success, we keep adding cutting edge technology/IT services and developing our people simultaneously.

Our L&D vision is “Customer Success Focused People Development to compete as a strategic IT services partner”

We emphasize on self-learning and provide access to the latest know-how to all Jade Global members. We have nurtured a collaborative culture that enhances peer learning. And that has tremendously helped us to seamlessly transition to virtual learning methodology in the new normal.

I see the new normal as a great opportunity to further strengthen our L&D culture more systematically and robustly. We quickly leveraged the new normal to get all Jade Global members together virtually and initiate several learning and interaction forums. We believe in healthy interactions at all levels and design-deliver the programs accordingly. Our members are happy to utilize their commuting time to learn new aspects of personal and professional success and connect at their convenience.

How do we see the future of Learning in 2021?

Globally the new normal is shaping our professional lives in numerous positive ways and L&D is no longer considered a support department. It is instead becoming a torchbearer to help organizations stay relevant & contemporary. It provides real-time inputs by enhancing the learning quotient at an organizational level.

At Jade Global, our organizational learning fabric has always been strong, and we are investing a lot more in developing our people to understand and service great opportunities coming our way. Our 2021 focus is on “Pull” rather than push, and we enable it significantly by creating various integrated networks across the organization. This will enable quick and real-time exchange of tacit knowledge of our members be it technical, consulting, project management, client partnering, life lessons, leadership, coaching, or career development.

In light of the current situation, everyone’s worldview needs to be rooted in empathy, doing good, trust, and honesty. At Jade Global, we consider ourselves fortunate to have nurtured this as our culture and 2021 and beyond the L&D function will strive to further deepen it in every way.

L&D function thrives only when people consistently experience that all business-related information is openly shared with them and their opinion matters. We consider ourselves as a family at Jade Global and each of our actions speaks that language. 2021 and beyond is going to be an exciting learning journey for each one as we accept the only way forward is “We are in it together as a Jade Global family with our customers and society to WIN by contributing to make this world a better place”

We have been hiring from colleges from almost all states and experienced professionals in India for our offshore delivery centers in Pune and Hyderabad. In our USA office, we largely hire experienced professionals. We take great care to develop their holistic worldview by immersive learning, networking discussions to integrate personal and professional development. In the new normal we have come up with virtual yet personalized learning customized to the current needs of our customers. We believe that being a good human being is the foundation for our business success more so in the new normal and various virtual avenues are utilized to keep our foundation intact i.e. our CEO and Leadership team interact more frequently with all, cross-functional learning is encouraged and we never forget the “fun factor” and keep innovating it.

Tech Enablement as our backbone for learning

We use Office 365 which has excellent mobile-enabled collaboration features which we use for L&D regularly. We have created an individual learning plan for each employee facilitated by our Learning Management System that allows us to host live and recorded sessions, conferences, discussion forums, and source content from our experts. We focus on self-paced micro-learning so that our members can choose when and what to learn.

Additionally, we also use Kanverse developed by Jade Labs (Jade Innovation and Research Centre).

Kanverse is an AI-Powered Cross-platform enterprise smart bot – changing the way an enterprise works. Kanverse Simplifies Enterprise collaboration sets reminders, reschedules calendars and a lot more. It conveys simple English instruction from a user to a virtual assistant in the Kanverse app on mobile. Kanverse interprets the intent from a plain English sentence (or a voice command) leverages an advanced NLP engine and routes the request automatically to Office 365.

However, we know that Tech enablement brings out the best in people only when we have great teamwork, exceptional leadership, collaboration, and share the same vision and values to drive long-term customer growth and success. Our L&D function enjoys merging both aspects to be a Smart Learning Buddy to each Jade Global member.

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Ms. Sukanya Patwardhan is versatile Human-resource/Learning and Development professional and known as an innovator and thought leader with strong execution and collaboration ability across diverse cultures and working with global senior leadership teams. She is recognised with several awards at national and international level. Her professional career has spanned a little over 25 years in various top global corporations in leadership roles: SKF Bearings, Cummins ltd, IBM and the Tata Group.

She has completed her masters in Chemistry, research in Materials Science and then chose a career in human resources due to her innate passion for people development. She graduated with a gold medal in Human Resource Management from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. Recently she has completed her Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University, U.K. with distinction.

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