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According to a global study, 84% of businesses who have embarked on their digital transformation journey are delayed by Integration Challenges.


Today, organizations cannot afford that, especially in the context of the Pandemic, where working digitally has become a necessity. We need everything well connected so work can seamlessly flow across continents.

Boomi, leading the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Seventh Straight Year, is one such iPaaS that has been phenomenal in bringing true value to businesses.

Jade Global’s Boomi Implementation Cost Calculator for big Cost Savings:

But that’s about how good Boomi really is. Now as a business your very natural next question is not, what Boomi can do but how much will it cost you. Google Trends report that “how much” searches i.e., the cost of something, have exponentially increased in the past decade.

We get your concern.

That’s why as a part of Jade Global’s Boomi Service landscape, we offer the Boomi Implementation Cost Calculator, for free.


This Calculator allows your business to know the exact cost of your integration project with Boomi.

It factors in important migration decisions based on Cloud and legacy systems, with questions like, “Is it a new integration or migration from legacy platform to Boomi?” Furthermore, you can determine that exact number of apps or systems integrated, even before you actually begin the process, to arrive at the cost. It answers how much the integration and the implementation will cost your business.

The best part about calculating your project cost is, your total cost also allows you to get an insight into total savings. And don’t we all want to know that more than anything?

Once you possess the knowledge of this crucial aspect, you can start your Boomi journey with Jade Global as your trusted technology advisor, consultant, and partner. Jade Global comes with 15+years applying advanced technologies like Boomi to give businesses the much-needed impetus to rev up their digital transformation efforts.

Have you tried Jade Global’s Boomi Implementation Cost Calculator to know the exact cost of your integration project yet?

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